Although social media marketing is not a direct science, we believe these 3 specific strategies will quickly and absolutely improve your engagement on Facebook, and help your content achieve a greater reach. All of the engagement tips we are about to share with you today, should be implemented on your personal Facebook profile.

Creating Engagement Should Always be the Goal

Listen, sales and recruiting will come eventually — First and foremost, focus on what we call the 10-4-1 strategy (more on that shortly). Your content should provide value,  help your audience get to know you and above all else make them feel good. The images, posts and/or videos you put out there should align with who you are.

Forget attempts to be trendy or cutting edge (unless of course that’s you who you are).

Show your audience more about the kind of person you are. Think about it like this, when people like and trust you – they’re in. Let them learn enough about you – to like you. It may come across as so simple or basic but we promise this is often forgotten.

Network marketers are among the worst who get caught up in becoming an overnight sales person! And, as a result their Facebook turns into a ghost town, right?

You know those ones …

Recipe to Achieve the Best Engagement on Facebook = 15 Posts per Week

Let’s break that down shall we? 15 posts a week is on average 2 posts per day, 7 days a week. On occasion, you may find that you are adding 3 posts a day but we wouldn’t encourage doing any more than that. Because here’s the thing, if your audience feels that they are being inundated with your content and posts – the last thing we want is them turning off notifications or hiding us from their newsfeed.

So, if you come across content you love and want to share – save it. Start a collection of content you would like to share at a later time. In fact, this is a great way of ensuring your content calendar is always full.
Now … Let’s dive into what in the world is 10 – 4 – 1 ?!

10 Fun or Personal Posts a Week

These are posts that aren’t directly or indirectly about your business. The engagement you are seeking from these posts are one that will help people get to know you. They might be;
  • Inspirational or Motivational
  • Funny stories, images or videos
  • A message that will help ‘lighten the load’
  • Brighten their day, help them smile


…and so on. These posts should use every day life examples.

What do people know about you by looking at your profile? Is it a clear message? Take a moment and scroll your Facebook Profile. What does it say about you as a person? Not a business person, but solely a person.

Other great posts ideas that work well in the ’10’ category is, asking people for their opinion. Asking them for their feedback on products, services, etc. The key? Once they respond to your post – make sure you engage with them. Acknowledge the comments, thank them, be authentic in what fits here – but don’t let it go without returning the engagement.

4 Business Tips, Quotes, Indirectly Related to your Business Posts per Week

These posts should be indirectly related to your business. Meaning, these posts give a general sense about business but nothing specific. For example, if you are promoting a health and wellness company you might consider sharing health tips, great healthy snack ideas, recipes, etc.
Since these posts are to the tune of 4 posts per week, be strategic in how you space them out. A great way to fulfill these posts are through Live video and a longer, narrative type post. These can be content rich and use soft calls to action – maybe to a Facebook Group or to connect with you.
These types of engagement posts however, should not include your business name, product names, links, etc. But should absolutely provide value and leave your audience wanting more!

1 Power Post a week *Boom*

We like to call this engagement post a Power post. These types of status are ones that are specifically related to your business. They might include specials your company is running, images or takeaways from events, recognition for rank advancements for your team, even before and after images.
Remember, these posts should only occur once a week and you still want to ensure you have added value and emotion to their overall content. Otherwise, they end up resembling an ad or billboard and this is never ideal. If these posts aren’t done correctly, they can overshadow the other solid 14 posts you executed that week.
Put yourself in your prospects shoes. How would you feel if you were seeing the posts – or any of these posts for that matter. Would you want to see them? Engage with them?

Few Bonus Tips for Improving Facebook Engagement

There are certain times a the day (and days of the week) where studies have shown that there are massive amounts of people on Facebook. These times have been labeled peak times to post on Facebook. The problem is that millions of other accounts are doing the same thing, which makes it really hard to be seen on a viewer’s news feed.
Consider shifting your posting strategy to target your posts in non-peak hours for posts – but optimal times for readers. We have noticed (and documented) a few of the following trends;
  1. Mondays – Great for uplifting stories and motivation type posts
  2. Thursday – Typically the highest days for engagement
  3. Fridays – Pay day for most people, these are great days for one of the indirect posts or a power post
  4. Weekends – Overall, great days to share family or personal content


To discover which days are best for your audience however, is to take note. Test out a few different strategies for 30-60 days at a time and uncover the trends specific to your demographic.


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Choose to Shine,


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