One of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘how do I pick the right network marketing company?’. And there are a few key things that we’re going to share in this post (and Tony’s video) that we always encourage people to consider.

Before we dive into those things however, know this … YOU need to connect to the products and/or services. Because, how can you expect anyone to purchase from you when you’re not sold out on the offer, right? For example, we are leaders in the health and wellness space of the industry and are avid consumer of the products.

Since we love them, it makes it so much simpler to share them. They becomes part of your ‘everyday life’.

So ask yourself — what are you passionate about? What products do you feel you can relate to and get excited about?

These things matter especially for those in this for the long term game. And, we’d like to believe that anyone getting involved in the industry is thinking long-term. Otherwise you’ll forever be chasing the ‘next best thing’.

Picking the Right Network Marketing Company

As we mentioned above … this is common question we get from;

  1. New people looking at the network marketing profession
  2. People looking to transition (for a variety of reasons) to a new company
  3. Those who took a hiatus from the industry but are looking to get back involved

… wherever you fit, our answer never varies.

Here are the 3 things we encourage you to consider.

The People

One of the best things we believe about the network marketing profession is the culture. Think about the person you are looking at joining with, learning from and going to be spending time around. Are they people that are going to fill you up? Cheer you on? Teach you? Motivate you? Have your best interests in mind?

Ask your prospective sponsor what the team culture is like, etc. Once you learn more about them, ask yourself if these are people you can see aligning with what you need and want. Without the right people … this journey can be a long and lonely one so take the time to find those you connect with.

The Company

Look at the corporate side of your company and what they bring to the table. For us, we love being paid daily for example and the training is short and super simple to get plugged into. There are systems that quite frankly — make sense and are designed to help people become profitable as quick as possible.

You always want to consider those working at the corporate level — what is their character, integrity and experience like? These are things that you want to consider when picking the right network marketing company because you are a reflection of them and vis versa.

Go All In

Now this one is about YOU. Once you’ve decided on the right network marketing for you … you need to make the decision that you are going all in. This is where you are creating your story and sharing that story with those around you (on and offline if that’s your jam). This piece is about being committed to working your business, plugging into the system and building your belief.

So, all in all it’s about picking the right network marketing company for you. There’s no right or wrong answer so to speak (of course some in our opinion are more favorable than others …) but we believe that if you consider these 3 things you’re going to be in a great position for building a long term, profitable business.

In the event you would like some help or support exploring these things — don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to serve!


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