Perseverance (noun)-persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Perseverance in network marketing is necessary if success is your goal, and we’re assuming that’s the case, right? The hardest part isn’t finding the initial spark. It’s a few months in (or even years) once you realize your business isn’t moving as fast as you want it to.

Every network marketing professional has a day where they launch, thinking, “This is it, I’m about to crush it. I’m finally going to start bringing in some real money.” Then the majority of the time, it falls flat on its face. This happens to many people because we learn through these lessons. It’s here where being persistent and focused counts the most. Some might say we learn through failures; however, we believe you learn the most when you get back up. 

The Deliberate Practice of Perseverance

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell

It would be awesome if your business succeeds on the first try, but that rarely happens. Most success comes from doing your best and then learning from what did or didn’t work. This does not give you an excuse to fail, however. 

Every attempt is still a shot at success. Although, (if) when you fail, you must understand why and improve the next time. 

Deliberate practice refers to an approach that is purposeful and systematic. Click To Tweet

While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is done with the specific goal of improving performance. Are you up for the challenge?

Our favorite analogy around this comes from bike riding (and something our son started learning a short couple years ago!). When you are learning to ride, it’s not just mindless repetition until you get it. It would be best if you had deliberate practice; every attempt is a chance to get it right.

Ask why and adjust if you don’t nail it the first time. 

curiosity wins every time in network marketing

Maybe your feet weren’t in the right place; perhaps you were unbalanced; maybe your body was in the wrong position. Then adapt and do it differently on the next attempt. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? And the truth is that it is that simple when you are determined to keep going. 

Failure doesn’t just come from inexperience, and it’s because you’re doing something incorrectly. If you understand that, you can use it to your advantage to increase your success rate.

There is no such thing as an overnight success Click To Tweet

Our overnight success took more than a decade! 

Patience is a virtue that isn’t spoken about frequently; it’s mentioned with an apparent disregard for the creative process in many ways. Life is a waiting game when it pertains to making any accomplishment. 

But what are you willing to do while you’re waiting? 

Having a positive outlook will certainly help more than just being negative.

But, these thoughts need an action plan behind them. Mentorship, however, was pivotal for us. So, are you willing to concentrate on your goals and push through all the nonsense? 

These are the healthy questions you must consistently ask yourself to be genuinely patient, leading to the necessary perseverance in entrepreneurial spaces. 

Is it in you?

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