Are you already aware that you’re an overachiever? If you are someone that you already knows that you struggle with this and, if you’re not sure if you are, we’re going to talk about that — this is THE post for you.

There is a difference between being an overachiever and being a high performer. In fact, it’s a big difference. So before we go too far into the qualities (or downfall) of overachievers let’s start with the basics.

Difference Between Achiever and Overachiever

The word “achieve” is actually an old French word that means “bring to a head“. And in many ways it’s exactly what achievers and overachievers alike do — get a task done, right? However, where things start to get ugly is when the overachiever will achieve the result by any means necessary.

This includes, their own demise.

Overachiever vs. a High Performer

The desire to achieve (overachiever) blinds them from the vital need to perform (high performer). Whereas we know, especially in the world or entrepreneurship, influence and relationship marketing — the overachiever mentality doesn’t fly so well.

Especially in leadership.

Do you ‘Suffer’ from any of these Traits?

Briefly, we want to share some common denominators found among overachievers. Chances are you may be able to identify with some (or all!) of them but, don’t worry! We are also going to leave you with some solid ways to help transition from overachiever to top performer too.

Now, it’s also important to note that although you may find yourself a self-proclaimed overachiever at work, you may not have been in school — or even in your personal life. There may be some similarities however, one environment is typically more dominant than others.

Are you only focused on the ‘end result’?

Overachievers often believe that the only thing that matters is reaching the end. They judge themselves by this standard and they also believe that others judge them in the same way.

Failure is not just part of the process for an overachiever. Unfortunately, it is often how they measure their worth. Less desirable outcomes can be devastating, so an overachiever will go to any ends to avoid such failings.

Work-A-Holic sound familiar?

Do you find that you are working all the time? And, it seems like you just can’t take a break from it? Never take vacation, day off, or even a mini-break during the day are all common behaviors for overachievers.

These patterns may happen from time to time, and will be painfully obvious during the busier times of your business life cycle. You know, the times you probably need those breaks the most!

Will it ever be enough?

Overachievers are rarely able to settle down and just enjoy the moment — the now. Even after achieving a huge goal, they do not take the time to really enjoy their success. Additionally, their mind can only focus on what comes next.

Make that Transition from Overachiever to High Performer

[we will dive into this topic deeper very soon — but always love to leave you with something you can take action on, today]

  1. Join a community in your niche and/or find a mentor
  2. Explore outlets that work for you
  3. Find the little things to celebrate outside of the end goal
  4. Seek out accountability from someone who will let you know when you’re slipping into overachiever mode — lean on them!

Do you identify with the traits discussed today? And, if you have tips to share on transitioning from one to the other — definitely share them below!

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