We wanted to start off by saying, ‘congratulations‘ on closing your month whether you hit your goals, or not. The best part about a new month is you have an opportunity to do it all over again. What’s interesting in our industry is more often than not, everyone focuses on the end of the month, right? We often find (and in some cases love) the madness that comes about at the end. However, is this post we want to challenge you — how are you opening the month in your business?

Do you start the month jamming away, with new goals and achievements you want to see? Or, are you someone who feels depleted and feel like you need some extra help getting going? Or, are you someone who never really thought about it, until now?

Opening the Month, Jamming is a Must

It is safe to say, we’ve been at this whole network marketing business a long time — to the tune of more than a decade really. And, maybe it took us a little longer to figure out than others (or maybe not) but either way, it doesn’t change that we want to shorten the learning curve for you.

For example, this post will focus on the strategies that we personally use to opening the month. You know, what’s interesting to us is that there is a ton of. literature on closing the month. As expected we suppose, but minimally anything on opening the month.

We believe, how you open the month is how you close it. And, vis versa — how you close the month is how you should open it.

Still with us?

A beautiful, productive and goal oriented circle, always served up with a side of fun.

So let’s dive in.

Our Top 4 Strategies for Opening the Month Strong

The truth is, these strategies can apply to those in business and entrepreneurship as well, as those in the network marketing profession. Because, you might agree with us that there are a number of parallels between the two. Especially, when you treat your network marketing business, like a business.

And remember, no matter how big or how small your goals are opening your month strong, will dictate your pace through out. Even, on the days we don’t feel like it.

1st Strategy for Opening the Month — Celebrate the wins!

All the wins! When you get into a habit of acknowledging the things that went right, and when you recognize where things could have gone differently — they are all part of the process. They all work together. You see, let’s assume for a moment that you didn’t hit the rank advancement or sales goal but you did reach out to someone on your chicken list, or make that first Facebook Live video — celebrate these things.

Get into a habit of writing them down, whether it be in a journal or a post-it-note (whichever works best for you). These, will remind you of the good when things aren’t going as planned. Or, they help you recognize where you may need to adjust a little bit to make sure you smash that goal in the following month.

We can be our own worst critic right? The limiting beliefs we put on ourselves can be loud and discouraging. But, when you get into a habit of celebrating your wins month in and month out it is an excellent way of documenting your progress as you grow throughout your journey.

2nd Strategy for Opening the Month — Evaluate the Areas that went Sideways

This can be one of the toughest areas to look at for some people. And, what we want to stress is that this is not a place to beat yourself up so to speak, but it’s an area to examine how you can do better the next month.

One of the keys here is learning how to be resourceful. Let’s say you aren’t the best inviter, you have two choices;

  1. Moan and groan about it or,
  2. Reach out for help, find help


Look at those in you industry who are the best inviters — follow the process. Tune into their tips or strategies, suggestions they make to refine that skill. Because, once you learn these skills no one can take them from you.

And, in order for you to evaluate where your strengths are and in turn your weaknesses you will be able to adjust, redirect, or practice refining the ones you are not so strong at (yet). Consider reaching out to your sponsor or someone in your mentorship line — be resourceful and take action.

Although the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect‘, make sure you are practicing the right skill. It won’t help you master a skill like inviting, if you are practicing it the wrong way, right?

opening the month

3rd Strategy for Opening the Month — Track your Business

Create your plan for the month, and work the plan. For example, if you have a huge goal to reach by the end of the month, create your plan to reflect the milestones you need to reach week by week, or even every few days. This plan or schedule should outline things that include how many calls you need to make, how many people you need to talk to, who can you follow up with, and so on.

When you map your goal and your business into smaller chunks it helps that big scary goal, be less scary. It also gives you an opportunity to see where you are at as the month progresses. Think of how much more manageable your month would be. Consider how easier it will be to adjust or call an audible the earlier in the month you become aware.

Lastly, when it comes to mapping out your plan for the month is know your numbers. That way, you are focused and don’t lose sight of the necessary steps (or numbers) as the month progresses.

4th Strategy for Opening the Month — All Out Massive Action

Potentially one of the most cliche lines tossed around the business world. However, cliche or not it sums things up quite well — especially when opening the month. And you see, this a successful business requires work, it’s that simple. Even when you may be coming off a super strong month, don’t let up.

We want you to be successful in your business and we appreciate that people have things going on all the time. Maybe it’s work or family, school or otherwise — you need to be aware and intentional with the action and activity you take every, single, day.

Whether you are part time in this business or full time, lock and guard your time. Designate specific times of the day that you will be dedicated to your business. This will not only help you track your business like we mentioned in our third strategy but it will help you stay on task and not miss the wins we really want you to celebrate.


We would love to hear what you do to open your month — what strategies have you found the most helpful for you in your business.

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Choose to Shine,

opening the month in network marketing

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