This post will share how you can overcome the pain, frustration and disappointment when a network marketing team member quits. What’s your initial reaction when someone decides to leave your network marketing team? 

Do you get angry and fired up and say, “Are you crazy? This is the best thing in the world!” 

Or, do you wish them well and mean it? 

See, the truth is people will come and go from your business. There are people we’ve invested a lot of time into and, for whatever reason, chose to go another route. Does it hurt? Sure! We’re human, after all, right? But each person serves a purpose in our lives (and business lives). Perhaps they were there to teach us a lesson, strengthen our leadership or elevate our mindset. 

Having people leave is something we have to overcome, though; otherwise, your business will feel it too.

So here are a few strategies to help you overcome those moments.

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Your Network Marketing Team Member Quits

….now what?!

First and foremost, do your best not to take it personally. Someone else’s choices aren’t always a reflection of you. There are a variety of reasons people quit network marketing;

  1. They have a fear of what other people will say
  2. Lack of belief in the products or services
  3. Feelings of confusion, overwhelm or simply lost
  4. Their financial expectations were unrealistic 
  5. Lack of time (or perception of such)

Please note the above-mentioned ‘reasons’ are among the most common that we’ve seen but are aware there are many others. The only reason that possibly relates to you is where someone feels lost or overwhelmed. As a sponsor or team member, you want to ensure that you have plugged your team member into all the resources. 

And then it’s on them to utilize them. 

This is why we stress that much of the feelings we need to overcome when a team member quits is knowing it’s about them, not you. Easier said than done — we know! But you WILL get there. 

Something you don’t want to do is convince someone to stay. However, we encourage you to keep those lines of communication open — Find out where they want to quit. Naturally, you want to respect their decision, but it’s also possible that you can fill what they think they need. A simple conversation is always the right idea. 

For example …

If they feel they lack resources, get them some!  Click To Tweet

Maybe it’s timing they feel off about – help them create a functional schedule. 

The beauty of network marketing is you can choose to work your business part-time or full-time, right? So help them find ways to operate their business in a schedule that works for them. The bottom line is open those lines of communication. 

If you can help — GREAT! 

But, if they’ve made a final decision, love them the way you did before. Relationships are essential, and the truth is you never know what the future holds. That’s why burning bridges or speaking ill of someone is always a bad idea. 

Breathe life into people; it always comes back around! 

Have you had team members quit? How did you handle it?


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We Believe in You ♥️

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