There is a common misconception that having a side gig or part-time business is detrimental to one’s career. The myth is that if you’re doing something on the side, you aren’t 100% focused on your full-time job. However, we have found the opposite to be true.

In fact, many of our clients find that network marketing outside of work makes them better at their job. They are constantly learning about new industries, fostering relationships, being creative, and making their own people skills, strong.

Still skeptical?

Here are 4 ways that Network Marketing Part-Time can actually help you at your full-time job

1. You learn new skills.

With network marketing part-time, you are constantly learning new things. Whether you’re plugging into training calls, writing a solid Facebook post, networking, or leading a growing team, you are continuously learning. And, improving your skill set. We recently had a client who was in the teaching industry. Even though this was something she had done for a long time, she was starting to feel disconnected from her students.

This wasn’t because she was loving her job any less, but she felt dated to some degree. What she found was that in her network marketing business — there were people of all ages. So, when she started spending a bit more time brushing up on technology and learning some new lingo (she still laughs about this!) …

She started to feel more relatable.

Ideally, your full-time job is related to your part-time gig and these areas of expertise will make you better at both. However, remember to think outside the box on this too – they aren’t always as closely related until you dig a little bit.

2. You expand your network.

For your part-time network marketing business to be successful, you need to find new prospects and grow your professional network. Right? So, you can learn from other people’s career paths and insights at every stage of your career. Additionally, from people in your network marketing career too – part-time, full-time – doesn’t matter.

Meeting new people helps you grow as a professional.

And, network marketing is among one of the top relationship businesses out there when it comes to people. Not only will your career help you stay in constant contact with people, but your network marketing business can help you step outside your comfort zone and maybe even say hello next time you’re at the water cooler.

More connections at work, bigger network in the field ..

Match made in heaven!

part-time network marketing

3. You strengthen your personal brand.

Part of running a side business is building and maintaining a personal brand. You want to become recognized as an expert in your niche. Specializing in a skill and having a personal brand makes you stand out and can start to be seen as indispensable at work.

People at work are likely to turn to you for advice on your expertise. Yes, that includes people skills. Or, think of the personal development network marketers often pour into themselves — This isn’t as common outside of the industry as you may think.

Depending of course on what your part-time business is you can start to be sought out more at work. For example, let’s say the holidays are coming and people want to run a health challenge thereafter. Great! You happen to have access to incredible supplements that can help people along the way. When you are sought out as an expert in your niche, this will not only help strengthen your brand but help others see you in that expert light too!

4. You become more confident.

When you are working on your network marketing business part-time, you have to be a self-starter. You have to learn new skills, meet new people, and build your brand and business on your own, right? This win makes each accomplishment feel even better.

Knowing that you can ‘be your own boss’ and meet your goals on your own will increase your confidence. Now, we are pretty sure you are familiar with how important both confidence and posture can be in your career. You may have been able to slide through at your career with it lacking a little (sorry!), but in network marketing – this can, make or break you.

Especially, in a leadership role.

Part-Time Business can Boost Full-Time Morale

Overall, when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, you’ll be happier in all aspects of your life. Having a part-time business isn’t always easy. You’ll find yourself working long nights, early mornings, and weekends.

But if you truly love it, it’s worth it.

Additionally, this part-time business when worked ‘right’ can begin to open to full-time options for you that may not have existed before. Please note we called this a part-time business in this case.

If you would sooner keep it a part-time gig, something on the side – maybe for the social piece? Great! We know people from all walks of life with all sorts of different goals and all we want to foster is growth – in whichever capacity makes sense for you!

Having a side business brings more than an extra income—it can help you at your full-time job. Just make it clear that you will give 110% at work. You may find (and we believe you will) that you’re happier and more confident in all aspects of your life.


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Choose to Shine,

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