Business goals are key because they offer a sense of achievement and purpose. Setting a specific time period to complete our goals allows us to work at them over time as we build momentum. However, what we have found in the network marketing industry, is too many overlook this. Or, there are other variables that come into play as well;

  1. Goals are set far too low
  2. Goals are set far too high
  3. There is no timeframe, thus, no urgency

… any many more, as we’re sure you can imagine.

Network Marketing Goals & a Gym Membership

So, as January approaches everyone has this new health goal, right? Seriously, how many people do you know who are suddenly committed to their health? They have convinced you that this year is different. They are setting an intention or resolution to hit the gym hard for the coming year.

Now, if we eliminated health goal from the paragraph above and replace it with business — sound like anyone you know? Maybe even you?

We are heading into that time of the year where everyone is feeling like it’s too late this year to make any big changes, so they shift to the next year. They have convinced themselves that ‘it’s their year!’ Similar to that of a gym membership …

Everyone starts January super hard and by February, it falls flat.


Because the novelty wears off. Perhaps the goals you (or someone) expected in this 30 days were far too ambitious and the results just didn’t happen as expected. It’s possible that what initially felt like a solid goal started to feel more like a chore. This is no different than what we see people do in their business. So, we hope with this post we can break that vicious cycle.

6 Steps to Setting New Business Goals for the New Year

The first thing you should do before this month ends is to write up a clear plan of action. This will allow you to determine all the tasks necessary so that you can start on the right track — achieving early goals and/or millstones will help you build confidence and momentum.

Consider using vision boards with vivid images of your objective or actively use a planer that will help you stay on track. We still like to use post-it notes and pictures at home and on work spaces to remind us of what to accomplish each day.

The bottom line is that in order for your business to be successful you need to find the right planning method, goals and inspiration that works for you.

Developing an Action Plan

Consider all the tasks necessary and then start right away. Start on some easy tasks to build you confidence and momentum. Understand that challenges will arise — be proactively prepared for these so you can take them with class when they happen. When you find that your motivation is starting to diminish, discover ways that you can revive your passion.

What Goals have you set for Yourself?

Without question, you should have a business plan laid out month by month and consider using one for the year. However, it’s just as important to have personal goals in place, too. Find out which strengths and abilities you can build on with realistic expectations according to your current circumstances.

Being aware of what you are capable of as well as your goals helps you to remain focused and positive.

Keeping the Perspective

When your mindset is one of success you can reach every goal that you set. Why? Because you know you have the ability, commitment and dedication to do so. Things are not always perfect, right? But, the key is to keep working at them until they become what you want them to be.

Refuse to give up or give in — instead focus on good things.

Always, be a Student

Many potential home business owners get stuck on their journey by something they don’t know. Maybe they feel they need to have all these gizmos and gadgets, but don’t know the steps to get them done. It takes time to learn new things, which is why many home business owners end up not getting started.

Make learning a part of the getting started (or restarted) plan.

Buy or loan out a book, take a class, or search the internet for the information you need.

Learning not only gives you the knowledge you need to get things done, but also, the information to avoid issue and/or problems along the way.

And, the more you learn the more value you can continue to offer you audience.

Feed your Mind, Grow Yourself

There are many reason network marketers to entrepreneurs struggle. One of the biggest reasons is a person who gives up too soon. Building a home-based business requires mental strength, thick skin, tenacity, and the ability to keep focused on the prize.

The difficulty is in developing these attributes if you don’t have them naturally. The best option is to hire a coach or get a mentor, who can guide you in the right direction and push you when you start to stumble. (Contact us if you are looking)

The next best solution is to join a mastermind group. (Make sure you join us at Fenix Risers)

Make the Commitment

Decide that you are all in. Make the commitment to your goals and start setting in place all the things you need to have in order to make them happen. You, deserve this. We can say this with confidence because anyone who is willing to make that deacons, deserves it. It really is that simple.


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Choose to Shine,


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