Whether you are in network marketing, traditional business or another form of online business you know this person. Often referred to as ‘Negative Nancy‘, right? Unfortunately almost everyone can answer yes to know ‘her’. What is worse is that, Nancy holds a ton of power — primarily, because of the way she is handled.

And so, in this post we want to share with you a few ways to best deal with ‘Nancy’. Additionally, ways to deal with drama, negative messages, and how to eliminate it early.

Because, it will happen but when you are equipped to manage it the drama will not thrive.

And sorry Nancy, but your time here, will not last.

Best Ways to Deal with a Negative Nancy In your Business

Meet Negative Nancy, nothing is good enough for her. It is possible she has team members the team thinking things along the lines of self doubt, or being untrue. How did we think we could do this better than thousands of others who had tried before? They are just trying to take our money! It’s all smoke and mirrors …

Her bad attitude will leave you feeling like you are running on a treadmill that just won’t stop. It is likely you feel drained from trying to please someone who couldn’t be pleased — right? The longer this goes on, progress suffers.

Belief dwindles.

Rumors happen.

Team starts to unplug.

People quit.

A negative person is contagious. The negativity can spread like wildfire and affect everyone, including customers, the downline, sideline and prospects too.

Often, we unknowingly give toxic individuals influence over our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

Let’s end that today.

Identify the negative behavior and confront it. 

Recognize bad attitudes and negative Nancy’s and identify them as soon as possible. Our suggestion is to address it head on. [Tony here] I used to steer clear of the word confrontation. Truth is, it held such a negative tone for me so I just didn’t want to be part of it. I would run, or hide (figuratively!) and I would just shut down because it would bother me.

However, by not confronting certain things, it was doing more harm than good. Because you see silence in this case gave the negativity power. And what happens when you give a negative Nancy power, is that it starts to spread quickly throughout your organization.

So, face it head on. Address it and this is best addressed privately with the person be it online or in person. Make some suggestions on how to correct the apparent issue, set an action plan and keep it moving.

The longer you wait to confront it, the worse it will get.

Don’t let emotions fuel how you address Nancy. 

The thing with Nancy, is negative people typically say and/or do things to elicit an emotional response. So really, it is imperative to stay objective and specific when addressing the negativity. Otherwise, it creates continuous drama or poor attitudes and in other ways becomes counter-productive to the original intention.

You want to protect the business and team you’ve built not let it succumb to someone else’s misery. So, be mindful of not giving in even when words directed at you may seem like an attack even. Remember what you set out to do and that was to put an immediate end to the negative talk.

Don’t get caught playing the negative Nancy game;

  1. avoid getting angry
  2. empathy without sympathy
  3. zero room for excuses or pity


How you react, is always your choice.


Although it will be tempting to point blame by saying things like ‘gosh she makes me so mad’ or, ‘honestly I don’t even care anymore‘ … these are both your choices. You see, as we mentioned above by falling into the trap of being lead by your emotions, you lose sight of the goal. By getting wrapped up into the negative nonsense you are letting others down along the way.

Do not entertain the drama.

Leaders will address it and put a stop to it. They don’t go to their team with it, they don’t involve anyone that isn’t already involved and they sure as heck don’t post about it on social media! Take ownership of how you react the same way you are meant to take ownership of your business.

Only you are responsible for how you feel.

Tough to swallow, but true.

And you see, the goal in most cases, is to restore the relationship with Negative Nancy where possible — not make things worse or rid Nancy, just the negative part!

Final Thoughts …

Here’s the deal, your role in an organization (meaning you have a team of any size), is to look out for them. The culture in our team for example, is often what draws others to want to build with us. So knowing that, sure we may take on a momma bear or poppa bear role at time — and that’s okay.

However, what is also super important is to stand your ground when you need to.

As a leader, you need to be able to have those tougher situations with a Negative Nancy, and more importantly address it as soon as you catch wind of it. You should stay unattached emotionally to the situation and manage it using the suggestions here! Have you had to deal with drama in your business? What have you found works best for you?


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