Content is king, right? And it’s true that if you are building your business online at all, your content game needs to be on point. However, we also understand that creating content can be a drag for people. So, have you considered curating content relevant to your niche to share? Game changer! In this blog we’re going to teach you where to find the most influential content to share and what to do with it.

First and foremost the content you share should always be relevant to your niche.

Alternatively, it should be something you’re passionate about. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s a fit for you and your business.

So how does one do that?

Please note we do not suggest merely finding a cool article or piece of content and simply sharing it. You have to preface it a little. Let your audience know why you thought this piece would interest them and, you should also let them know why it matters to you.

Always keep this in mind otherwise, the likelihood of that content converting to sales for your business is minimal if at all. Give the shared piece some substance, emotion and value from you.

OK let’s get into the goodies. Where to look!

Top 7 Places for Curating Influential Content


Many will say that Buzzsumo should be a social media marketer’s best friend. And, when it comes to looking for information to share with your audience, we believe this to be true. 

Buzzsumo allows you to find the most influential content, and you can search for it by categories like date, keywords, and even the type of content.

It’s also a great way to find influencers relevant to your niche or industry, which can be another incredible source for content.


While many people may not think of Twitter as a search engine, a quick look through the results for a keyword or hashtag can bring you everything from news to relevant memes that are relevant to your niche.

You can also create a list of your favorite content creators and perform a quick look at their stuff daily. Twitter is a great place to look when you’re in a hurry and need quick content to share on a shorter side.


Pinterest is not just a hub for DIY or recipes, though depending on your niche, those do make great content too.

You’ll find a little bit of everything on this platform, from images and memes to Dit-It-Yourself projects and instructional blog posts. Just use the search bar and get lost in a world of visual content. Follow your favorites or add to your own board. This will help keep your feed updated with good stuff to share with your audience.


If you’ve ever visited Reddit, you’ll know it is a HUGE website with millions of people submitting photos, discussions, links, videos, and all other types of online content. Learn how to navigate the subreddits— because there’s at least one for practically every topic you can imagine. Now, it can be overwhelming at first, but once you figure it out, you’ll feel as though you hit the content lottery!

Newsletters in your Email

Email newsletters are a great way to find the topics that matter to others in your niche. Email newsletters are typically filled with weekly or monthly pieces of interesting material.

Sign up for some that relate to your industry or that provide you with interesting and influential content to share. Also, don’t hesitate to unsubscribe from lists that offer you little to no value. Otherwise you’re just cramming your inbox full of noise that may cause you to miss the goodies.


If you aren’t searching YouTube for influential content yet, you should start. Similar to the algorithms on most search or social media platforms, once you start viewing videos on preferred topics, YouTube will start feeding more to you.

It may, or may not, surprise you but YouTube often battles with Google for the top search engine in the world. This is always, a good sign.

Check out your Competition

Check out what your competitors are doing! Or, the bigger companies within your niche — check out what they are posting. Although we don’t want you to copy everything they do, it can absolutely provide you with some inspiration when you are seeking out influential content to share.

This can be especially true with the bigger brands. Think about it, they have dozens of people on staff researching and creating all the time for them. Chances are they know a thing or two about the best types of content to share.

Where do you find yourself becoming the most stuck with content? Are you presently using any of these resources? We would love to know where you grab your inspiration for influential content from. Can never have too many places!


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