About 6 months ago, we posted a blog about effective strategies for Instagram. Specifically when being used for business. And, like most social media platforms they are evolving, right? So, we wanted to revisit the topic of Instagram and how to get more views on Instagram Stories. Why? well, stories have shown to be amazing when it comes to acquiring leads and proven to generate more sales.

Last time we checked, those using social media for business are always after 2 primary things;

  1. Leads
  2. Sales


Just to piggy back off the previous blog — in this post we are going to share exactly what you can be doing to increase views on your stories. Whereas in the previous blog we focused more on the content and how to relate better to your audience. In other words, combining the best of this one and the other … you are in GOOD shape!

6 Ways to Get More Views on Instagram Stories

First and foremost, get familiar with the platform. This doesn’t mean you need to know all the ins and outs. However, knowing your way around some of the options inside the Instagram Stories feature will help you out as we move forward.

Become acquainted with how to create videos, add GIFs or emojis, adding text and making sure you know how to turn off and on your location services. There are a ton of great tips we’re about to share so get out your mobile device to follow along or grab a pen and paper to jot down some notes.

Hey, even bookmarking this blog is a great way to reference this post at anytime!

1st way to get more Views on Instagram Stories …

Post something to your stories a minimum of 4 times a day. Ideally, these are spread throughout the day if you are sticking to only 4 … so set an alarm if you need to! Switch up the content you are posting and get it out there hitting 4 different time slots. Keep in mind that the stories feature can be a great mix of business and fun. People love behind the scenes or feeling like they’re getting to know who you are.

Additionally, when you post several times a day (at different times) you receive the benefit of also hitting different time zones! For example, although we are in Central Time — we have a ton of customers, clients and team members across everything from Australian times zones to the UK. When you spread out your posting schedule you are bound to hit them all at one point or another. So, although there are no key factors in whether timing of posts matter tremendously to your viewer count … testing a few things out while nailing the 4X a day minimum certainly won’t hurt.

2nd way to get More Views on Instagram Stories …

Use more video. This is probably something you already know or, at the very least heard more than a few times. Video wins on every platform — and there is no exception when it comes to Instagram Stories. So, what type of video are we talking about here?

  1. pre-recorded
  2. boomerang style
  3. live in the moment
  4. scenery
  5. you, behind the scenes

… and all things in between. People want to be engaged and often entertained, give the people what they want! Video is a perfect way to connect deeper with your audience and have them feeling like they are right there with you!

3rd way to get More Views on Instagram Stories …

Tag relevant brands and/or users in your stories. Out on the town with your Chanel purse? Tag Chanel in your post. Feating on your favorite burritos at Chipotle? Tag them too! Please note, don’t tag a brand unrepresented in your stories. Keeping things relevant matters here.

Secondly when it comes to who you are out with or even who something reminded you of – tag them. The more people and brands you tag on your Instagram Stories will result in higher traffic and views every time. In addition to the brands you’re using or people you are with, use the location in your tags where are too. These are great ways to connect with others experiencing the same events or shouting out your local foodie spots.

*if privacy is of concern, consider posting these ones after you’ve already left the location – doesn’t make the post or video any less relevant.

4th way to get More Views on Instagram Stories …

Ask a question or use the poll option. People love to give their opinion, right? So, give them the opportunity to do so. Maybe you want feedback on an outfit or next travel adventure. Think outside the box and try implementing a question or poll into your next story.

And, what can be a great follow-up to those posts are the answers you received or your reaction to the poll results.

Think about this way … Instagram saw the value of adding these features to  the platform, there is almost always a good reason or that. Use the tools are your disposal and tweak their delivery as time goes on. You may find that your audience responds well to videos and polls, where others love your images and location tags. Whatever the case is you should always be evaluating and adjusting when necessary. However, we all know one thing is for sure … more eyeballs on our content almost always means more leads and/or sales in our business.


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Choose to Shine,

more views on Instagram Stories

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