Like you, we’re building the bulk of our business on Facebook. And as a result, we know that our business thrives (or not) based on the number of people we talk to — every day. So in this blog, we’re going to share with you a few tips that will help YOU find more people to talk to on Facebook.

You’ve heard people, maybe even your mentors, say … there are more than 2 Billion people on Facebook how can you possibly run out of people to talk to, right? And that’s all great to day in theory but without knowing how to find more people … you find yourself stuck.

We’re not here to tell you that you need to talk to more people because you already know that.

We do however want to show you HOW to do it!

How to Find More People to Talk to on Facebook

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OK, let’s get started.

Tip #1: Connect with People of Influence

The best way to find the right people is to get around the right people. While you’re reading this or watching the video, grab a pen and paper. Now, write down at least 5 people that you follow who are influential in your industry. They might be podcasters you love to listen to, authors you love to read or, people who are making it happen in your niche.

Follow their page, engage on their content and begin to interact with others who are hanging out there too! Like attracts like … and we are CERTAIN that you will find a steady flow of people to connect with by following this simple action, day after day.

Be thoughtful, authentic and genuine in your comments on these pages because guess what? When you take the time to create well thought out comments be it value, gratitude or otherwise, others will see this … And, when they resonate with what you are contributing they are more than likely to want to check out who you are and want to connect with YOU. In turn, helping you find (or the other way around), more people to talk to on Facebook.

Tip #2: Get Connected in Facebook Groups

Want to know where we’ve found the most success inside Facebook groups? They are NOT the business and entrepreneurial ones (insert shocked faced here!) Instead, they are in groups where they relate to our hobbies, lifestyle and health and wellness industry.

We remember when we first started to transition from offline to online marketing and we jumped into all these business groups. Instead of finding our ideal customers or clients, we found a whole bunch of business owners all selling their products or services. Now, this isn’t to say you won’t have any success in those groups but what we can tell you is connecting in the groups we mentioned above — was a game changer.

See, in these types of groups we were able to relate, add value and connect with others who had similar likes that we have. And, when you’re in the relationship marketing business — THIS is always a good idea.

Write down 5 of your hobbies, interests, or industries you can add value in and seek our groups that are engaged and jam like you do.

Tip #3: Get out of your own way and hit that Go Live Button!

If you REALLY want to find more people to talk to on Facebook — GO LIVE! We get it, this can be a scary ask. It is an ask that may take you out of the comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory. And sure, it can be terrifying (we now our first handful we sure were!) but it is totally worth it.

In fact, it may surprise you how many new people you will connect with as a result of Live videos. See, video continues to be favored in the newsfeed in terms of visibility, people love to share videos which then opens you up to their audiences and, it allows people to see YOU!

We encourage you to write down 5 things that you know a lot about and/or something you are good at. This can be cooking, crafts, music, writing, health and all things in between. Your videos don’t need to be crazy long in fact, we suggest 4-7 minutes in length and let your light, expertise and authenticity capture those viewers.

In short if you’re not doing Live videos on Facebook … you are without question missing some incredible people out there who are waiting to meet you!

So instead of looking for more people to talk to on Facebook … put yourself out there and you will be AMAZED at the people who are actually looking for you. Will you take on these 3 tips today? We can’t wait to hear how full your funnel is about to be!


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Spark your Influence!

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