Although Facebook was a little late to the game, the most recent (and available) stat from 2018 shows … 300 Million daily active users. So sure, people will often compare it to the much higher user rate on platforms such as; WhatsApp and Instagram but .. Facebook Stories is holding its own. And, in this post we want to take you on a journey of how to use them and monetize while you go.

Now, you might be wondering how you can put yourself in a position to monetize from the 300 Million active users there. The simple answer? Use the feature!

In order to win – you need to show up, right?

We want to help you create some solid content to share there and, how to include your business there as well -without being salesy. This is where you will monetize Facebook stories.

Remember, consistency is imperative – and is the only way you will benefit from this platform.

How to use Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are a visual way to share your content. It is a feature that allows you to add filters and effects to images, photographs, or videos through your mobile device. Rather than just posting these images to Facebook, they are posted to the Facebook Stories section of Facebook App.

The Stories can be shared with specific people the user chooses or, can be made public for everyone to see.

Friends receiving Stories are only able to view it once. Once the story ends, the image or video will no longer be visible. Whereas the public viewing stories they are available to view for 24 hours.

As fas as using the basics of the platform, you will want to check out the blog we did on basically the Facebook Stories 101. You can read that here > Facebook Stories How To.

Will Facebook Stories Surpass the Newsfeed?

Well, according to a prediction by NBC business news in May 2018, and what the trend we are seeing now — the answer is yes. So knowing this, wouldn’t you want to do everything to be on that platform effectively? Well of course!

Your time is stretched we get it. So why on earth would we be suggesting you add something else to your plate, right? Well, because based on research, trends, predictions and experience – we think anyone really looking to crush their business online should be.

Here comes the big question …

How can Entrepreneurs Monetize Facebook Stories?

Now that you know why we believe entrepreneurs should be utilizing Facebook Stories especially to monetize the platform … let’s look at the how. Please understand we are still testing this strategy out to really nail it down but we will share with you what’s been the most effective.

  1. 7-9 Facebook stories a day
  2. Of those 7-9 at least 2 should be a video
  3. Of those 7-9 at least 1 should be related (loosely) to your business
  4. Video stories do well – with or without talking (strange, right?)
  5. Be authentic – not rehearsed
  6. Spread them out throughout the day (3, 3, 3, is ideal)
  7. Respond to everyone who replies to your stories


The last one (#6) is where you will monetize the most. By responding to your story, even through emojis — they’ve opened the door, make sure you use it. Because listen, this doesn’t mean ‘oh they’ve messaged me let me sell or recruit them‘ — it means be a decent human and work on building on that conversation.

And, remember … the stronger the relationships the more you monetize. Both financially and personally. The growth is inevitable and Facebook Stories gives you an opportunity to flourish in that area.

Are you using Facebook Stories? Better yet — what has your formula been to monetize them?

It’s interesting because we watched Instagram stories, WhatsApp and SnapChat blow up .. Facebook is taking its time but we believe it’s coming. And considering it takes 10 minutes out of our day — we are definitely OK with that!

A Few Apps to Help you Monetize Facebook Stories

Like any other platform, we always recommend a strategy. And, with the growth of stories all around we have seen a ton of new apps launch. Here are a few of our personal favs;

Unfold Features:

  • 25 templates + 75 premium templates. Find the collection that fits your style.
  • 5 fonts + advanced text tools. Set the mood of your story.
  • They support photo and video media. Tell your story how you want to.
  • Export your stories in high resolution for seamless sharing to other platforms.
  • Just download Unfold and start creating stories. No strings attached.

Plann Features:

  • Turn your brand story into a global powerhouse where you can reach over 1 BILLION people
  • Uncover ways to grow with advanced analytics, hashtag tools, competitor metrics, smart scheduling, best times to post and Plann’s unique best colour palette feature
  • With intuitive tools and easy-to-use filters, fonts and borders, anyone can use Plann to create a beautiful theme

Lightroom CC Features:

  • Use any browser to access your photos uploaded from Lightroom CC on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and edit them in full-resolution
  • Find and organize your photos with searchable keywords that are automatically applied without the hassle of tagging
  • Adobe Sensei uses the power of machine learning to apply searchable keywords automatically


Make a commitment to start crushing it with Facebook Stories. Learn how to execute your stories that you are in the world of monetize all the time! Are we connected on Facebook yet? Makes sure we are and we can’t wait to check out your stories!


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Choose to Shine,

monetize Facebook Stories

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