Have you ever felt that you were speaking to a prospect and all felt right and then … you talked yourself out of the sale? We hear this ALL the time. One of the biggest struggles people experience is being unable to close the deal — where we believe the hard work happened long before that. Because, the time you spent introducing your prospect to a product or service, nurturing those relationships, and answering their questions — took time, and you crushed it. So, we want to help you master the close with this simple script.

Ready to Master the Close?

Great! Let’s recap some of the video above to help you create actionable next steps to closing the deal. First and foremost … most people talk themselves out of the sale (face palm!) — they talk and talk and talk about stuff it’s probable your prospect doesn’t even care about.

Think back to when you were nurturing your relationship with them;

  1. what were their needs?
  2. did you uncover their pain points?
  3. what was their reason for taking a look in the first place?

These are KEY things to know before heading into the close. See, our super simple script to master the close goes like this …

(Two parts to this)

The first part is ask them what they loved about what they saw. Were they excited about daily pay? Did they love the idea of working for themselves? Were they excited about more time with their family? Were they fired about about the social side of the business?

Whatever answer they give you is AWESOME! Celebrate that with them … because what they’re excited about matters, why should they be excited about anything other than that? (for now).

The second part to learning how to master the close is ask them, now that they’re excited, is where they are at on a scale of 1-10. A 10 means they’re ready to rock n’ roll where a 5 means they’re interested but have a few more questions. If you are hearing a 1 … DON’T stress it — continue to work on the relationship with them and who knows — they may come around.

Once you have asked the question ….


PLEASE do yourself a favor and just listen. This is not your time to share a million things about what you love or, talk to them about the company, products, income potential, etc. It is here you just need to sit back and be patient. It is HERE they will tell you everything you need to know about where to go next.

It’s possible if they’re not ready to rock with you that it may mean they need a question or two answered — follow through on those answers. You are not here to convince or persuade anyone into your business. Instead, you are here to equip people with the information they need to move up that scale to a 10!

Keep it simple …

Find out what they’re excited about and then, ask them where they’re at.

If we can help you refine what this process would/could look like for you, leave us a comment and let’s make it happen, together.


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master the close with this simple script
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