Recently, we came across a post on Facebook about leadership and management. It’s the best recipe for effective leadership that we have seen in a while! Although finding the original author of it has proved challenging, we will share our interpretation of the management tips for great leaders.

Going back to the basics is always a great recipe for our day-to-day work lives. Surround yourself with;

  • great colleagues
  • communicate effectively to your teams

This will make your work environment a fun place to be and makes our lives much more enjoyable. Most importantly, it inspires others to do a great job and produce results.

10 Management Tips for Great Leaders

Guiding vision, passion, and integrity are well known leadership traits. But there are lesser known leadership traits, as well only because they may seem ‘too simple’. Remember, it’s often the simpler things that are the most impactful.

Share Information

Communicate the understanding of ‘YOU CAN’ so that those you’re aligned with, stay on track and focused.

Say Thank You

People will always remember how you make them feel. And, feeling appreciated is one one of the best management tips for great leaders. Simple things like a thank-you note or a friendly phone call — go a long way.

Delegate to Empower

When you ask a team member or colleague to help you with something you are empowering them. This allows you to free up your time on other, more pressing matters meanwhile, allows the other party to feel a sense of satisfaction and empowerment.

Adjust your Style

People come with all sorts of learning styles, right? Be mindful of how you communicate with one person may not benefit another. An individualized approach when it comes to interactions with others is key. Some of the best leaders are also viewed as chameleons.

Set Small Milestones

Keep your goals and milestones realistic and tangible. This may require adjustments over the course of working towards the goal – and that’s OK. The best leaders can adapt to a variety of situations and are very aware when it’s time to shift gears or simply go harder.

Have a Blast

Your team, customers and even prospects love a good time. Avoid being serious all the time. Sharing a good belly laugh never hurt anyone!

Remove Obstacles

Encourage creativity and innovation from others. Perhaps your team has some great ideas to share with you. And, never leave your audience out of the innovation process either. Getting caught up in bureaucracy only hinders this type of growth.

Give (and solicit) Feedback

When you are working with someone new, offer feedback. Those working closest to you will thrive on this from you. This will help them be more productive and, efficient.

Raise your Lid

When those around you see you working hard, focused, putting in good hours they are inspired. They are more likely to jump in and run with you instead of standing on the sidelines. Probably one one of the best management tips for great leaders.

Focus your Time

Are you familiar with the 80:20 Rule? Focus the bulk of your time on 20% of those you are leading and, projects that will generate 80% of your results. These 20% of people will be easy to identify. They are more than likely ones that you see many leadership qualities in already – help them level up.

We hope this list was helpful for you and would love to know if you have other management tips for great leaders that you would add to the list!

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