Finding clarity throughout your journey is critical. This post isn’t so much about what living a life you love looks like … Instead, it includes gentle reminders on how to get there. Strategy for the mind versus strategy in your business.

See, we know that mindset plays a massive role in entrepreneurship and sometimes it requires a quality check in with ourselves. You might even call this an audit of yourself.

We must be willing to get rid fo the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come‘– Joseph Campbell, Mythologist, writer and lecturer

When you are living in a place of clarity and being guided by wisdom, life will begin to unfold with purpose and as it should (and meant to for you). There will be ebbs and flows like anything else because let’s be real — we’re human.

However, when we begin to truly appreciate life, our journey is dictated by that same appreciation and gratitude.

Are you Living a Life you Love?

The following reminders are exactly how-to do this. More so, we hope they serve to spark your influence and ignite your insight for those breakthrough moments.

Just remember, these things already exist inside you.

Sometimes that friendly reminder goes a long way.

You deserve to be living a life you love — especially throughout your journey of entrepreneurship.


When you experience a moment of true appreciation of something or someone, hang out there a while. Take full advantage of this feeling. It’s not only incredibly fulfilling but it’s contagious. Appreciate all the moments — it may require some conscious thinking on your part but, it’s well worth the effort.

How will you focus on appreciation today?


When we practice and/or experience gratitude, consider it the foundation for more insights to come. A great habit is creating a list of things you are grateful for daily and revisiting it throughout the day. Those tougher days will arise and gratitude will help keep you become or stay grounded and focused.

How will you demonstrate gratitude today?

Don’t get Caught in the Overthinking Trap!

Remember, things like clarity, peace of mind and safety already exist inside you. Sometimes, we just need to let them show their heads instead of us forcing them. Certain things are OK to just be. Trying to figure it out won’t serve your greater purpose. Living a life you love will require faith and trust in these natural processes.

The greater question is; do you believe?

Take a Break when you’re Stressed

When those moments of feeling frustrated, anxious or otherwise arise inside you, take a break. When we attempt to work through those emotions they can (and do) taint our performance. It’s OK to take 5 minutes regroup and then refocus. Give yourself permission to experience these feelings but allow yourself to get back to a rational thought process.

Do you take breaks when you’re feeling discouraged, overwhelmed or frustrated? What do those breaks look like for you?

Treat yourself with Kindness

Beating yourself up over a mistake, roadblock or other setbacks quite honestly — doesn’t work. Chances are you’ve tried it … so we know it’s not an ideal reaction. Too often, we focus on our weaknesses where we would encourage you to focus on your strengths instead. These moments of kindness should exist though your life in general and, your businesses.

How will you show yourself kindness today?

In Summary …

Living a life you love is priceless. When we focus on the present we have the opportunity to enjoy each moment. Allowing ourselves to let certain emotions simply ‘be‘ while we focus on the tangible actions will help us become more productive.

Small businesses and entrepreneurship are beautiful vehicles to take you get where you want to go — but avoid rushing the journey. You have the makeup inside you to absolutely crush your goals and aspirations. Living a life you love is living a life where you undeniably love yourself.

Thank you for joining us on this internal check in and we hope this post finds you well through our appreciation and gratitude for you. We would love your comments on this topic — just leave them below!


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Living a life you love
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