Marketing sure has changed over the years, hasn’t it? Especially, when it comes to growing a brand or influence online. One of the main things we found when we crossed the offline to online bridge was live video was key.

And, what was once a platform for entertainment purposes, has grown into something much bigger. Specifically, for those marketing their business online. People want to know what you’re up to — in the moment.

Live video helps your audience;

  1. Get a glimpse into your day-to-day life
  2. See behind the scenes of your business and/or its operations
  3. Receive short, actionable content delivered from you — the source
  4. Allow then to engage and interact with YOU
  5. Permit them the ability to feel like they are getting to know you — personally

… and so much more!

Why is Live Video the Go-To?

Brands and businesses utilize live video in different ways to connect with their audience in real time. Whether it be social campaigns or product launches, they stream ievents in a way we haven’t seen before.

This gives the viewer a chance to react to the event, which gives entrepreneurs immediate response of a product or a tutorial.

Viewers can react and share their experiences, express their opinions, ask questions, which again, gives marketers an immediate response for the topic (great for market research!)  

There are always new entrepreneurs entering the market and there is an alarming rate of them who are not maximizing live video — don’t be them! Set yourself apart and dive in with your audience. Now yes, it will take time to grow that viewership but it will come with consistency.

As long as you are delivering value to your marketshare, people will find you, share you and in turn, buy from and support you. Remember, the content you share is for your audience, live video simply positions you as the expert in that niche. And that, is what we are all striving for!

And, Live Video Doesn’t Require Anything Technical …

… or fancy! In fact, as long as you have a mobile device — you can stream live as early as today! Now sure, there are some tools you can use to perhaps improve lighting or to strengthen your audio but guess what? None of that is necessary!

And if you are going live from home — sometimes we are pyjamas on the bottom and live video ready on top! People only see what you show them!

Another fun fact? Most of your audience could care less what you look like — they want the information. Now, if you are in a fashion or beauty business for example yes, you may want to show off those attributes on a video so it will require some freshening up. But overall, as long as you are delivering relevant value to your niche/audience your appearance means very little.

So, throw on that top, comb your hair, prop that mobile device on a stack of books and hit start live video on that screen!

Here are a Few Live Video Tips for You!

Gone are the days of welcoming everyone, in our opinion, to your broadcast. Sure you want to give a few quick shoutouts, especially to those who are sharing your content — but overall, DIVE IN! This is especially beneficial to your replay viewers. It avoids them having to wait for you to welcome those live and gives them the goods sooner than later.

Video Content is PERFECT for Repurposing!

Did you create your live video on Facebook or Instagram? Great! Make sure you save that video so that you can;

  1. upload to Facebook or Instagram (opposite of where it was streamed)
  2. type up a quick summary of your content and share it to LinkedIn or create an image for Pinterest
  3. expand on your topic and create longer content for a blog or online platform like Reddit or Medium

There are an abundance of ways that you can repurpose your live video content for multi-use across a variety of platforms. Don’t underestimate how powerful that is! Create the live video and you have content to last you weeks when done right!

Are you using live video for your marketing efforts? Let us know what you love the most (and the least) about creating this type of content!


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