A solid LinkedIn profile is mandatory if you want to grow your personal brand and business. Even though we know you’re busy, LinkedIn is one place you can’t forget.

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

In today’s post, we want to stress the importance of the LinkedIn Profile. More so even than the content you post. Sounds absurd — we know! However, it’s true. As we mentioned in an earlier post, most LinkedIn users spend 30 minutes a month on the platform, right?

Well, audience behaviors tell us that this time is almost always used for connecting versus scrolling a timeline. So, you tell us — wouldn’t your LinkedIn profile be important? YES!

5 Things you can do to Enhance your LinkedIn Profile

#1 Keywords vs. Buzzwords 

Keywords, being rational. (Accurate, analytical)

Buzzwords, being emotional. (Fun, Authentic) 

Although keywords are great, in most cases, when it comes to LinkedIn, emotional buzzwords are where you want to be. Whether your profile is being searched by potential employers, or prospective business partners, eliciting an emotional response is key. 

The human reader of your resumé and LinkedIn Profile page will have no sense of you, the person behind the jargon if you slam them with the targeted keywords from a job description for example. 

Buzzwords provoke a reaction, a smile perhaps – basically, you have a story to tell – the right person, customer, partner, etc. — will want to know that piece of you and that’s where the buzzwords are, well, you. 

#2 Tell a Personal Brand Story 

One of the quickest ways to do this is create a story of who you are, how you got there, and where you are going.

The right people, will care. 

Share a story of how your brand is motivating, or works well within a team. It will identify things like motivating and team player – without even having to use the words, and better yet, put the person in those shoes. This will allow them to feel feel like part of the story – they ‘get it’. 

An article published by ‘YourBrandInc’, sums this piece of perfectly 

‘Not only do people want to know your story but it immediately helps you flesh out and build your personal brand. Since there is no one with your same story, path, or background this instantly becomes a unique selling proposition.’ 

#3 Professional Summary on LinkedIn Profile

This is another area that LinkedIn will create one for you.

Like the other components of ‘fill in the blank – generic – stuff, we don’t encourage you to do this. If you want to use it as a frame work or skeleton, maybe, but take the time to write these 200-300 words that can really, make or break that LinkedIn profile viewer. 

Don’t let this summary part of your profile pass you by. This is a place to highlight these few things; 

  • Who are you for?
  • Achievements and Testimonials
  • CTA (Call to Action) 

This summary will appear like a paragraph once complete. However, don’t be afraid to use white spacing, symbols, etc. to fill in there. 

*You won’t be able to format this in LinkedIn itself, but consider typing it out in a word processing program or text app with these capabilities, and simply paste it into the summary area on LinkedIn. 

#4 Visual Media 

Keeping with the same theme of what you can do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out – you want to consider using visual media. 

  1. Video
  2. PDF Documents Slide Shows 

These 3 platforms are already set up in your LinkedIn profile, you simply need to plug in the content. You can create new content, or why not repurpose content you already have?

Much of our traffic for example, is from LinkedIn alone.

So, why not add a snippet of your blog, and direct it to your actual website. Or, grab a YouTube or Facebook Live video you’ve done, and upload it into your profile. 

 This is a GREAT multimedia way to;

  1. outline your strengths
  2. have the viewer get a better sense of you and/or your personality
  3. help you stand out. 

#5 The Most Important 30 Words 

The 30 words being referred to, are the first 30 words in your LinkedIn summary. These words are displayed just under your profile picture. And you want to write something interesting, or captivating enough – that the viewer will be compelled to hit ‘see more’. 

If humor fits your personality, you could consider that angle. 

Anything exceptionally appealing about your achievements, business or personal life could go here too. The key though, is despite wanting to be appealing, and almost luring, you want to stay true to how you are. 

Authenticity wins every time. Even, on LinkedIn.

Want more tips and strategies for LinkedIn? Let us know — and more importantly, what have you implemented to date?


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Choose to Shine,

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