Starting a business is one thing — growing and scaling it is another. People lean to the obvious ways or because so-n-so did this. This post will have you looking at the less obvious skills you need to master in building your business.

And what we have found interesting is that when most entrepreneurs are getting ready to scale, the first thing  they reach for is their wallet. Why is that?

Is it because we are so inundated with feeling we need the latest tech tools and flashy gadgets?

Perhaps it is as a result of the Facebook ads across your newsfeed promising the world with this new strategy. Whatever the case is we want to give you something else to think about. And, they are probably not what you are expecting. Especially, since you already posses both of these things.

The 2 Most Overlooked Skills when Building a Business

We believe, you started your business for a couple different reasons:

  1. you wanted to make an impact and share your message with the world,
  2. you wanted to earn income and experience the freedom that it can provide.

So, it makes sense that you are focusing every day on what you have to take action on to make that a reality. And maybe you’ve already done it to an extent. You’ve gotten a little taste of what it’s like and now you want MORE.

So, it makes sense that you are focusing every day on what you have to do to make that a reality, right? Maybe you’ve already done it to an extent. You’ve gotten a little flavor of what it is like and now you want more.


If you are not completely in love and excited about what you are selling, then you have lost before you even started. Your passion and excitement for your product or service should be so strong and sure that you literally can’t not share it.

In other words … it would hurt you not to tell people about it.

If you have any doubt at all, or hesitation about the value of what you are offering, your audience will feel it. And, they will not buy. If you are not completely excited and passionate about what you are selling, it’s time to go back to the white board.

Strong Mindset

This is enormous and includes a lot of different things;

  1. belief
  2. confidence
  3. daily habits
  4. commitment tenacity

…and more.

However, in a nutshell, you must be rock solid in your commitment to yourself and your business. Oh, and never quit!

Even when things aren’t going your way, even when it seems like it’s not going to work, even when you doubt yourself compltelyl. You must stay strong, develop thick skin and learn to pick yourself back up each time and keep going.

But know this .. with passion and with th right mindset, YOU are unstoppable.

The other 10% is strategy and techniques, and of course that’s important too, but only relevant if the other 90% is mastered. So, what are you doing today to master the other 10%?

It’s all About the Less Obvious Skills

Please know we are not suggesting that systems, website, funnels, etc. aren’t important. After all, of course they are! However, they are only part of the process. Knowing where you stand in all of it is arguable the most important. From there, it’s all about passion, grit, love, etc. that will keep pushing you even when you are left feeling like you’ve given it all.

Let’s put it this way …

You want to stand out from the crowd, right?

So, be different. Bring something different to the table – something different than everyone else. It is here, in the uncomfortable moments that will help you rise above the crowd. Be the calling, the memorable one. Be less obvious but equally as powerful.

It might sound strange calling these the less obvious skills, but it couldn’t be more true. Too often, we are focused not he shiny ball, the nest big trick — where instead, we should be focused on being true to who we are.

Being authentic in our belief and in our delivery.

Perhaps this is a polite way of asking you to quit being fancy and start being real.


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Choose to Shine,

less obvious skills

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