Have you been considering Instagram as part of your content strategy? Although we do love Facebook for network marketing … Instagram in a close second. More specifically, Instagram stories. They operate a lot like Facebook stories but with a little more reach. Let’s have a closer look.

Instagram Stories Vs. Facebook Stories

In general, the Instagram platform is better for younger generations while Facebook is better for the older crowd. According to the website Statista, 60+ percent of Instagram users are between 18 and 34. While the most popular age group on Facebook is between 25 and 44. Although there is some overlap, there is a distinct difference.

The best way to decide which stories platform to use, is by knowing your target audience. For starters, what age group do they fall into? What does your current customer or distributor base look like? Know your customer avatar is key. And, although we believe network marketing as a whole is ideal for anyone — chances are you will see a common trend in the people you attract.

Start there.

‘Stories’ and the Live Video Feature

Both Instagram and Facebook have a live video option. However, there are distinct differences between the 2 platforms. Probably the most obvious difference is where the videos ‘show up’. Facebook Live appears in the newsfeed (and more recently in the stories area) , and Instagram Live appears within the stories feature (at the top of the home page).

Both platforms will send users a notification when a page they follow goes live. Facebook allows companies to share their live video as a post that lives on their profile, while Instagram Live footage can only be saved as a story.

Additionally, Facebook Live videos can stay on the platform forever, where the Instagram Live videos are only available for 24 hours but are given priority in the stories section. So, knowing the behaviors of prospects is key.

A nice touch that Facebook stories has added is being able to use an Event in the stories feature. This is ideal if you are attending an event and wish to tag your location. This allows the attendees to create a collaborative story which is quite similar to how Instagram stories groups their hashtags.

Overall, both platforms are home to photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. They will appear in circles at the top of your timeline and allow you to post engaging content. For today’s purpose let’s take a closer look into using Instagram Stories.

7 Tips for Using Instagram Stories for your Business

#1 People can discover your Instagram stories.


For example, there are 200 million daily active users on the platform (that’s huge!). And, where we reference ‘discover’, we mean people who aren’t following you can also see your content. This is a great way to gain new followers based on location, hashtags, and user tags.

#2 You can add hashtags (#) and Location tags.


When someone is searching through a hashtag on their page, your Instagram stories with that same hashtag will appear at the top of the feed. So, let’s say for example you are sharing about a great new hair growth product, using a hashtag like #Hairgrowth will target anyone searching for that keyword! THAT is a great way to get in front of a target audience, right?

#3 Increase relationship value with your followers.


Since Instagram will allow you to place the (@) symbol, including on the stories feature, this will allow you to take people you may want to shoutout for recognition, someone you think your audience will like, a thank you for an order, etc. In turn, people will often return the favor which then opens you up to their followers. Again, it is almost like tap rooting in social media times.

#4 Everyone loves sneak peaks.


Behind the scenes always attract eyeballs. Additionally, it gives your followers a sense of VIP treatment in some ways. They are made to feel (and in most cases they are) the first to see a new announcement, a new product coming, how you use a product, etc. When people feel exclusivity, this creates an underlying trust and helps develop a great rapport — even without a conversation. They feel ‘part’ of what you have going on.

#5 You don’t need to figure out the ‘best time’.


Ah, figuring out the algorithm! Guess what? You don’t have to! The algorithms are forever changing but, since your story will stay put for 24 hours, you will cover every single time frame by posting with this feature. And, when you are using the Instagram stories function consistently, you will find that you have a great circle of content always happening!

#6 Instagram stories has tons of individuality and fun things to add.


Whether it be stickers, emojis or gifs … Instagram stories has you covered! You can take a simple picture and pass it up with lot’s of cool arrows or stars, maybe a fun filter or a trophy! Whatever your pleasure, you will surely have a ton of fun dressing up your content. The audience on this platform loves this too! So don’t be shy – let your creative juices flow.

#7 Offer daily tips or short tutorials.


We know that video is seen and engaged with far more than most other mediums of content right now. So, why not record a quick 15 second tip and put it up! You can tie it to your business, ask people to DM (Direct Message) you if they want more tips even. Perhaps you have a great skin care hack you can share. With the right short, actionable content – Paired with relevant hashtags #skincarehack – You are in for some eyeballs!

Final Verdict on Instagram Stories

We love Instagram Stories. However, we are very conscious of how much time we spend over there. In fact, on occasion we use it solely to drive attention to our website or even if we’re going Live on Facebook. What’s important to remember is the audiences are different between Facebook and Instagram and so, the content should be too. Simply posting the same content on each platform is rarely effective.

However, if you implement a few of the tips shared here, and limit your time with the right content strategy, it could be an excellent addition to your current marketing efforts.

Are you on Instagram? We would love to know what you like most about the platform. Or, what you wish you knew more about! If this was helpful, please be sure to share it so that others can benefit too!


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Choose to Shine,

Instagram Stories

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