If you’re anything like us, you’re always seeking ways to help your brand, stand out. It’s no secret, and we’ve talked about it before — that the social media world is NOISY! However, your content may only require a few small tweaks to help you take it to the next level. That is the motivation for us behind this post. We’re going to break down for you 5 Instagram apps that we know can help you with stories.

We love stories for a variety of reasons — both as a consumer and as a creator.

  1. Short and actionable
  2. Entertaining, behind the. scenes, personable
  3. Easy for your audience to consume
  4. Great metrics in evaluating their success
  5. Disappear after 24 hours — allows for a scrap the ones that fall short or reuse the ones that hit!

… among other reasons but these are probably our top 5 — what are yours?

Now we should add that Instagram appears to be consistently updating their platform with a variety of new GIFs, fonts, filters, emojis, etc. to work with … this is a HUGE plus, right? And so, if you want to take that slight edge to standing out, we know this list of Instagram apps will help you add some new flavor.

5 Instagram Apps for your Next-Level Stories


This is a popular and powerful editing tool for mobile and has always been a favorite among Instagram Story users. This app is especially useful for those in the beauty space because of its blemish removal and retouching tools. Additionally;

  1. You can use Instasize to create visually engaging photos and videos with dozens of professional filters and free editing tools like saturation, tilt and sharpening. Premium subscribers ($4.99/month) get access to more filters.
  2. You can use the easy-to-use collage maker that lets you combine photos into a variety of layouts. You can also choose between different social media formats and add over 50 pro-fonts.

Available on iOs and Android


This app turns any image into a work of art, and when not over-used, it can be really eye-catching. They do have a premium feature of $9.99/month but definitely worthwhile to try out their free version too! Here are a couple things we love about this app;

  1. There are more than 300 art styles and more being added on a regular basis.
  2. You can fine-tune the resulting image once you’ve applied an art filter. This includes tools for adjusting exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness and more.

Available on iOs and Android.


This app is made for Instagram Stories. You can create ready-to-post Instagram Stories or even create a story that includes video and images. With 3 million monthly active users, it’s also one of the most popular Apps for Instagram Stories. We’ve heard it referred to as the app for storytellers and we may just have to agree! They do have a membership of $19.99/annually (and we find it totally worth it!)

Here are a couple things we love about it;

  1. Minimal and elegant, modern template sets. If you like understated, sleek, modern and clean, Unfold has the templates for you.
  2. You can add images and video(s) to the same template (which is awesome!) while creating a cool effect that brings your stories to life with video, images or even both!

Available on iOs and Android.


Next up for our favorite Instagram Apps is LifeLapse! is the BEST Stop Motion app available for mobile devices. They do have a free 7-day trial and otherwise is $35.99/annually. In that case, LifeLapse Pro offers you a bunch of features including access to songs and tools, ability to add your own music, save videos with imported videos, in-camera square and vertical crop guidelines, 4k video and more.

Here are a couple of our takeaways;

  1. It includes a cool ghosted image/opacity slider that helps you see the previous photo when you are creating a project with multiple still images. This is so that you can align your subjects from clip to clip.
  2. There are cool timer features, including a camera timer and a interval timer to help you take multiple images.

Available on iOs and Android.


Last and certainly not least of our recommended Instagram apps for stories is Jumprope! The Go-To for How-To’s in the Instagram stories space.

  1. You can create tutorials in a step-by-step way. The app includes cool tools like time-lapse, filters and voiceover, as well as the ability to change the branding or look of your videos by using themes, colors, patterns. Oh! and background music too.
  2. I It’s a bonus social platform for people who love that type of tutorial content.

Available on iOs only at this time and is totally free.

Well, there you have our Top 5 list of Instagram apps for you Instagram lovers n’ users! Do you have any go-to’s you love working with?

We’d love to hear about them.


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