Without question, the term influencer has gained a ton of traction over the past couple years. As a result, it is a word people are almost hung up on. Whether it be how to attract and influencer or how to become one. To some degree, you need one without the other, right? And so, we can appreciate the fascination with this term for sure however, we’re not sure people truly understand where it fits in the network marketing industry.

Where did the Term Influencer Originate?

An influencer is someone who has an incredible impact on a specific group of people in a specific niche. They do not have to be celebrities to have that sort of impact either. Which could be why it has become a trendier topic for those outside of Hollywood. For example, you do not need to be Beyonce to be considered an influencer. (Although being Beyonce doesn’t sound horrible does it?!)

Influencers are everyday people who love to live their lives while sharing it with others. Sounds in line with network marketing and direct sales ideology. And, at the foundation of it all is that an influencer’s views are critical for their followers since they can be the game-changers.

Becoming an influencer would be life-changing indeed. Although, there is not one magic formula as to how to become one and what we will share in this post will help you on your way.

Additionally, the word itself is somewhat self explanatory — you influence people to ‘do’ something. And typically, that ‘do’ means buy. It is for that reason that major brands have increased their influencer marketing strategies significantly over the past 12-18 months and it is unlikely that you will find a brand on social media not using this approach.

But this leaves the question that is there room for influencer marketing in network marketing?

Or better yet, what makes an influencer suitable for the industry in general? Here’s the thing, the mindset of wanting to attract an influencer, is no different than wanting to attract a leader. There is no secret sauce to help you do one over the other. Because, you might agree with us that many top leaders and/or earners in the industry are influencers in their own right.

And so, we do want to offer you some insight today on how you can work towards becoming an influencer in the network marketing space and, in turn how that will attract others.

How to Become an Influencer in Network Marketing

As we go through these top ways of working towards becoming an influencer, keep in mind that each of them require one main thing;


That alone is among one of the main reasons everyday people have attained influencer status in their respective niches. It is because they show up when everyone else doesn’t feel like it. They are the ones who are refining their knowledge base and being persistent and consistent with their goals. In other words you don’t find excuses with these people. So, keep this in mind as we move through these tips on how you can work towards this status yourself.

Study the Influencers in your Industry

In this case since we are speaking to network marketers, study what other leaders are doing. Take notes on their activities. What we mean is, most leaders in this industry will tell you everything you need to hear and do — new leaders emerge when they act. Say for example a leader is suggesting you speak to 10 new people a day; instead of saying this is hard to do, or some other type of excuse, go to speak to 11 people.

If a leader in your space is doing a Facebook Live 3 times a week, go Live on your own page 3 times a week. When they share with you about a great book they just finished you guessed it, go get it and read it too. Because whether you realize it or not leaders/influencers especially in network marketing will tell you how they got there and more importantly how you can too.

Give Away Tons of Free Content

Content is everything regardless of the medium you put it on. When your content is packed with value, consistently, you will be well on your way to influencer status. And here’s the deal, give it away for nothing. Once people start to value the information and expertise you are showing them on a regular basis, buying from you almost becomes a no brainer.

Ever think to yourself why sample programs work so well?

They are given away knowing that when you love it, you’ll be back. This applies to just about every industry, perfume counters at the mall or food samples at Costco, same concept applies. And so, determined the type and/or style of content you are skilled at and teach someone else.

Have a great tip? Share it.

Learned a new hack for social media? Give it away.

In doing so, you create an underlying trust with your audience. They learn to trust you — especially when you teach them a cool new trick that helps them grow in some area, right? Don’t take this for granted, keep gifting.

Stay Authentically You

One of the greatest things about influencers or becoming an influencer is that it is based upon being yourself. There may just be something that gives you that slight edge over others and usually that edge as we mentioned above, is consistency.

Staying true to who you are at your core is so important.

Because this whole fake it until you make it era people try to live gets old quickly. There’s very little longevity in being someone you’re not. By being true to who you are you can’t fail. After all, it is all you know how to be. You might agree that it’s in your DNA.

And yes, there is some etiquette that you may get behind in terms of topics to steer clear from on social media but even that has changed tremendously over the years. Authenticity is bar none the best way to step into influencer status in the network marketing space.

Closing Thoughts on Becoming an Influencer in Network Marketing

Let us know if these few tips were helpful and if in future you would want to know a few more that could be equally as beneficial once of course having applied these ones. Don’t forget to drop your takeaways in the comment section below


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