Whether you are just starting out in business or a seasoned veteran chances are people have discussed all the things you should do. Meaning, the apps to use or content to cover that aligns with other incredible entrepreneurs.

However, how often do people discuss the things you should not do? In some ways, that’s where a lot of the trial and error and learning through falling occurs, right?

But what if we could help shorten that learning curve for you? What if we could give you a friendly heads up of things that incredible and successful entrepreneurs don’t do?

That is exactly what we are bringing you in this post.

3 Things Incredible Entrepreneurs Never Do

What are things you’ve done in the past, as a business owner, that you would NEVER do again? The following 3 things we want to discuss are ones that we have either experienced personally or, we have witnessed others do (with regret).

Never Start a Business Based Solely on Money

If you start a business based solely on income potential we hate to break it to you but, you will be let down. Don’t get us wrong, income is important without question however, what happens if things don’t work out? Will lack of income fuel you on the days you simply don’t feel like it? Or, what happens when you start to begrudge the work you do even with a solid income.

Money, does not drive happiness. It’s great and affords people options and choices but if your business venture is based solely on money you will not attain true happiness. Think about this way … we spend 70-80% of our lives working — wouldn’t you rather spend that time doing something you love where you get to wake up every day and say ‘I GET to do this work‘? We did!

Stop the Blame Game on Others for your Mistakes

Incredible entrepreneurs will always accept fault where fault is do. In other words there are 2 choices;

  1. Reasons
  2. Excuses

There will be lows in your journey — and it will be tempting to blame someone else or blame technology, manufacturing or otherwise. But guess what? Instead of placing blame anywhere ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this?‘. This shift in mindset can make a massive difference in how you plan your next move.

You see, when we blame other people (or things) for our lack of success, production of even income we can’t possible make the right adjustments for future successes. When we own the mistakes we can make logical, strategic and informed decisions. Like John Maxwell says ‘Failing Forward‘.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

When you are first getting started we understand that in a lot of cases we have to wear several hats. However, incredible entrepreneurs have learned that you can scale a business much faster (and effectively) when you have help.

And here’s the deal … You can outsource just about anything these days and the price points can vary tremendously. Ask others in your niche for their referrals or recommendations, reach out to people in your network and try sites like Upwork or even Fiverr to find people who can help you with activities in your business that are best done by someone else.

You will find that your time can be used so much more efficiently when you start to take certain tasks off your plate. Additionally, your return on investment will become — priceless.

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