Are you wondering how you can improve Facebook engagement on your personal profile? Sure, there are tons of articles out there to help with business pages but, what about your own page? Because, the truth is when we first started using social media for our business, it was 100% focused on our Facebook personal profile.

It wasn’t until later, that we incorporated our business page.

So, in today’s blog we want to give you 9 simple ways to increase that engagement.

And, your overall visibility in the newsfeed. Also, if you have any tweaks or tricks that have worked for you — definitely share them in the comments! Community and learning from one another is always a primary focus for us!

9 Simple Ways to Improve Facebook Engagement

Before we dive in, let’s first qualify what engagement means; likes, comments, and shares. As you can imagine, shares are the best forms of engagement in a lot of ways because it opens up your content to others’ newsfeeds and, their friends feeds too.

Although we don’t believe that vanity metrics are a good tell all — they do give us some indication if our audience enjoys the content we are putting out there, right? One quick tip before we get started on the 9 ways is, don’t hesitate to do a quick audit of your page on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Take note of the content your audience IS engaging on and do more of that!

Teach, Inspire and Entertain

Most people who use Facebook are not signing on with business in mind. And so knowing this, craft your content where it’s teaching them, inspiring them or having them laugh from some form of entertainment. Use this content to not only engage but connect with your audience — sales can always come later.

Get to Know your Audience

As we mentioned above, knowing what your audience likes is a good way to create content for them that they will engage on. And, in order to do that it’s helpful to know who they are, right? Take some time to craft who your ideal prospect is and cater your content to meet those needs.

Use Personal or High Quality Images

The more you can incorporate your own images in your Facebook content, the better. Photos catch readers’ attention and, a great ways of showing more of you and your life. Take the time to post good quality images – avoid the blurry or weird cropped photos. Your audience deserves something worth engaging on after all!

Use Mainly Short Pieces of Content

Now yes, there are exceptions to ever rule however, 2019 stats tell us that most users spend no more than 2 seconds on each piece of content. Longer pieces can be incredibly impactful so don’t shy away from dropping them in but, go with a 90/10 of 80/20 split on short vs. long content.

Video Still Reigns Supreme

You’ve heard it before, we know! But … video is still among the best ways to reach your audience and, improve Facebook engagement. The newsfeeds although are getting a little trickier to stay in — video is still a great tool for increased reach. If you aren’t quite ready to go Live, pre record a video and upload it to Facebook organically. Avoid sharing links from YouTube or otherwise – Facebook just doesn’t love that,

Use the Poll Option

Don’t be shy – ask your audience a question and use the ‘poll’ feature to elicit responses. It is best to use polls for answer to questions you actually can benefit from the answer. Otherwise, it’s just a post with little intention attached.

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Get Active in Facebook Groups

The more active you are on the platform in general, the more Facebook will show you some love. And, these aren’t bad ways to connect with new people who in turn, can help improve Facebook engagement overall. Do yourself a favor a stick with groups that you can offer value to – otherwise, you’ll just be adding another chore to your to-do list.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action or, CTA, is basically where you ask your audience to do something. Often, people confuse this with a constant need to sell — don’t do that! If you want them to answer something, ask them. Or, maybe you want them to give you some advice – say so. As much as we say we don’t love being told what to do, engagement rights are almost always increased with a CTA, even a soft one.

Consistency is Key

We’re sure this one doesn’t surprise you either, right? Good! Because the more consistent you are in publishing your own content and, engaging on others the more you will see your engagement improve and overall, reach more of the right people.


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