We are closing in on mid-December and the holiday season is just around the corner. It’s a festive time when people tend to be more relaxed, cheerful and usually way more open to spending.

People just spend more during holidays!

All companies step up their ‘marketing’, there are companies throwing out their best promotions, small businesses are crushing their online growth through; ads, promotions. You name it!

And it’s not without reason.

Some companies and/or professionals earn more revenue in December alone, than in the entire year combined! And so, being prepared is pretty much essential. We’ve put together a Monday-Friday schedule of how you can maximize the holiday season.

Obviously, you are welcome to tweak and adjust where you find it necessary however, this schedule is something we follow almost exactly.

Week-Long Holiday Preparation Schedule

Monday: Review your previous sales reports and finances for  year-to-date so you can establish your priorities for finishing out the year strong. Ask yourself things like;

  • What were your best selling products or services?
  • What products and services to you want to promote more of?
  • Which products and services need extra attention?

Tuesday: Pick the 3-5 products or services that you want to promote.

Wednesday: Determine what the upcoming sales will be for your company (if any), and/or establish your incentives for your VIP customers or team members.

Thursday: Plan your promotional calendar: Which holidays do you want to promote your products or services around. Upcoming holidays to consider having promotions around are:

  • Christmas
  • New Years Eve
  • New Years Day

Friday: Add your promotional calendar to your upcoming schedule so you can determine what dates you need to start promoting your special offers and discounts. We suggest starting your promotions 2-3 weeks in advance (now ….) before the holiday. Some structured content around that may include;

  • 3 weeks until holiday: Intro to the promotion
  • 2 weeks until holiday: Discuss how this promotion and product or service will help the consumer
  • 1 week until holiday: Do last call orders for the sales or promos
  • 2 days before holiday: Remind one last time about the promotion and how they can take advantage

This system works great for companies or individuals who promote physical products and services. Make sure to put an end date/expiration on the promotion this not only creates clear timelines/expectations but also helps create a sense of urgency among consumers.

3 Tips to use during the Holiday Season

Prepare your Team Members


Ensure your team has access to the plan. Explain the situation to them. Meaning, let them know this will be their biggest holiday season to date. Explain that you will keep yourself busy this month and invite them to join you and do the same. Inspire them.

Tell them how to make the best use of the holidays to generate new prospects, revenue and expand their network of contacts.

With a well motivated and focused team you can achieve way more than you ever could on your own, right? Some might not be completely into it, a few would rather even take the month off, and that’s ok, too. That’s their choice — what matters is you discover who wants to go all in this season with you.

Let’s get Social


The holiday season is typically a social season, right?

Visiting friends and family, catching up with old contacts, attending parties and celebrations in the evenings, and so on. When people go and hang out way more often than they normally would, there are ways to maximize this.

In fact, this is your chance to meet new individuals that can contribute or even join your network marketing business. By now you probably know how to bring your business up in conversations and how to create curiosity around it.

Approach new people at these parties — ask to be introduced. With a relaxed holiday atmosphere in the air, it should go smoothly. Your local community events and gatherings are perfect for this sort of networking. Lots and lots of people attend these events, which makes them local, ideal demographics and so on.

The current year is coming to an end and people will be talking about their new year’s resolutions. Resolutions like ‘Earn more money’ and ‘Self-improvement’ come up very often. Let them know that you can help out with discovering these things with them.

Be passionate, but above everything else, be authentic.

Season’s Greetings this Holiday Season


Let’s start of simple. December is the time of greeting cards and holiday wishes. We bet you will be getting more than a few in your own inbox this year as well, right? Businesses will wish you happy holidays and invite you to check out their special Christmas offers.

As a an entrepreneur yourself, why not send out holiday cards of your own?

You can do this by email, to keep the costs down and reach a wider audience. By sending out cards you will get a chance to reconnect with a number of old contacts, create awareness for your business and make some passive advertising for your products or services.

Is your company holding a holiday promotion or event?

Be sure to include this in your card as well and invite people to either purchase your products or take this opportunity to join your business. These personalized notes/cards can go a super long way.

Now that you understand how you only stand to gain from these Christmas Holidays, you can get to work immediately and make December your best month ever!


We would love to hear about your experiences on this topic in the comments below!

So be sure to stop by the comment section before you go.

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Choose to Shine,


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