Let’s talk about growth and happiness.

Quality over Quantity. Where it is important to grow, it’s also important to realize the value that you share with others. Regardless in the size of your audience. And, while it can be tempting to always grow your followers, your influence, prospect lists, etc,  we also want to tell you that no matter what phase you’re in, your voice is valued.

The world is often overcrowded with shiny things and flashy images.

We’re always told to be bigger and better.

But let us ask you this; does that bring us actual happiness?

We want to grow our platforms so that we can continue to share helpful, interesting, relatable topics with people, just like you. That’s why we want to grow. We want to inspire lives all over the world. This role, is our ‘job’. And, we hope to keep it that way. Now, that does mean we should always be learning and improving.

But we shouldn’t stress over it. None of us should.

Social Media should inspire creativity & belief

It shouldn’t leave us feeling full of envy, comparison or self-loathing.

Realize that we are all on different paths and have different goals.

Network marketing, along with social media is always a two-way street. Know that if you have questions or ideas you can always reach out to others. Focus on your online community and get involved.

Try to not focus on the negative or the Negative Nancy’s.

Happiness Looks Different to Everyone …

Stop trying to be someone else’s happy. Or version of. Take a moment and evaluate what makes you happy. Think about the things in your life and in your business that push you on days you don’t feel like it. Because listen, we all have those days. Find out what makes your team happy, what drives them.

Keep in mind, this is different than your ‘why‘. Although your ‘why’ aligns with your happy – what does your happy look like? Or, what does it feel like?

Here’s the deal …

When we are explicit in our vision, our purpose and our intention these feelings become almost. tangible. And, if you are striving for a role in a leadership capacity, you are in a position of believing in a vision than no one can see but you. It’s this belief, this strive for happiness that becomes contagious to others.

It is this happiness that can draw people into your business – more importantly, quality people. As a result, when we are working with likeminded, happy people we are more productive. In turn, success follows us.

Happiness Creates Great Culture

Happy people have an smoother time building their business.

Why? Because people are attracted to their energy, want to be around them and ultimately, do what they are doing. Happier people build and sustain better relationships – with prospects and with their team members.

Therefore, they can build stronger, larger organizations with higher retention rates. Teams abundant with happiness find their organizations do more.

They are more consistent and do so with a better attitude.

Surprise! Again increasing effectiveness.

All things being equal, happy teams have the potential to outperform those lacking that happiness vibe.

Happiness that transforms lives and businesses is not just a sporadic feeling, a temporary good mood, or even based on external things or outcomes. Being happy is choosing a state of mind.

How does one get to this ‘place‘? What if we told you that it all starts with a decision. The choice to allow happiness in every aspect of your life. Now, of course these things take time but once you reach them and they become part of your life, naturally, it gets easier. And, it’s what you will attract around you.

Happiness is almost like the key to a locked door. When our spirits are overflowing with feelings of happy, gratitude, appreciation, etc. we are far more likely to do new things. In fact, human behavior tells us over and over again that when we’re happy there’s very little we won’t do. And see, this is why creating a culture of happiness for yourself and others, is ideal.

It is in this place that magic happens.

As leaders, let’s go and inspire hope and belief in others, then join forces, working together to make that ‘hope’ a reality. We all have the power to achieve what we envision when we choose to be persistent and foster happiness. Lead by example. Breathe Life Into Others. 

You are far more powerful than you believe.


Lastly, tet us know in the comments what type of event you will be attending next and speak out how many of your team, will join you.

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Choose to Shine,


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