Guest posts or guest blogging is one of the best ways to grow your online business. Blogging for small businesses and entrepreneurs will not only demonstrate your writing skills but also connect you with others in the industry. 

Doing so, will give you valuable experience when tapping into different networks in your business niche.

In addition, getting your guest posts accepted on authority blogs will;

  1. attract potential clients
  2. grow your social media followers
  3. bring quality traffic to your site
  4. give you incredible exposure

4 Reasons to Add Guest Posts to your Strategy

Now, we appreciate not everyone is a writer. However, we do know that when you are passionate about something the effort becomes less of a chore. We find that dictating our thoughts and ideas to be super helpful to get thoughts onto paper.

Whether you use your mobile voice note section or speak into your computer – there are always work arounds if simply sitting down to write becomes an obstacle.

We wanted to give you 4 main reasons that we believe guest posts or guest blogging should become part of your marketing strategy. And, we think you might agree!

Additionally, be sure to ask in the Influencers Hangout for our top 50 places to see about guess blogging! We’ll include a few today but we definitely want you to have access to all of them!

OK, let’s get into it!

Get in Front of an Established Audience

Especially in the beginning when your audience is still growing, the opportunity to get yourself in front of an already established audience are an excellent reason to start guest posts.

See, without an audience, your content will pass by almost unnoticed. Guest blogging gives you the chance to have an audience from the beginning who want to know what you have to say!

Grow your Email List!

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’, right? Well …

One legitimate way to grow your list is through guest posts on established sites. It’s similar to mentioning your social accounts in your guest author bio, but you should consider offering additional information in a freebie in return for the signup. Think about a free PDF or resource you’ve created.

Offer it.

The call to action in your author bio then could read: “Download your free ebook on how to _______ (insert topic)” and link this to your website or capture page where they can sign up.

Building an audience with guest posts will work even better if your guest post is covering a related topic. And ideally, this should be the goal when seeking platforms to write on. The more in alignment with their niche and your brand is key!

Gain a Blog Following even, Without your Own!

You can even use guest posts when you have no blog or website of your own at all. Many influencers and marketers are focusing more on guest posting instead of building their own blog audience.

While there are advantages of having your own blog, it is entirely a great idea to decide against your own. You then can use guest posts to get yourself in front of an interested audience without you having to start from scratch.

Gain More Followers on Social Media

When we started out with our Social Media marketing strategies one of the first issues we had to solve was “how can we get more followers to our social media accounts?”.

Well, similar to the call to action we mentioned above with a free download (or otherwise) include your social handles in your writers bio or even at the end of the content you’re submitting.

Most authority sites already understand the ideology behind collaboration over competition so you will rarely find a hiccup in not being able to share those social handles.

10 Places you can Start Submitting

  1. MindBodyGreen
  2. Huffington Post
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Better Parenting
  5. LifeHacker
  6. Social Media Examiner
  7. Marie Claire
  8. Martha Stewart
  9. Yummy
  10. Forbes

grow a strong team

Remember, sometimes pitches can take a few attempts to these platforms. So, what we recommend is make sure you take the time in creating your pitch – be personable and remind them why this content would be great for THEM – not the other way around!

Would you love to learn more about Guest Posts? Let us know in the comments!


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