Network marketing. The name itself can elicit a variety of different emotions for people, right? Depending who you speak to or mention those 2 words to the responses are typically the same. They either had a great experience or know someone who did or, the exact opposite. So we believe a lot of this misconception about a brilliant industry is posture and/or positioning. In our opinion, developing or nurturing great leadership skills starts immediately.

Regardless of where you are at in your business and really, the industry as a whole.

You see, leadership comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, careers and so on. And even some of the best leaders are consistency nurturing their leadership skills for a couple reasons;

  1. To better themselves and,
  2. Improve the lives of others.

Leadership should not be reflected in the income you earn, or don’t. It shouldn’t be based on how large your team or organization is. And it certainly shouldn’t be based on what you may have done in past — it’s the now that matters.

What are Leadership Qualities?

Respectfully, we believe the leadership qualities we’re about to outline for you are relevant in network marketing, business and really life overall. There always seems to be this divide in how we define leadership where are there really that many differences? Isn’t a leader simply that, a leader?

Now sure, perhaps they demonstrate their qualities in different ways wherever they may find themselves but the underlying quality doesn’t change just because the platform does.

Ever look at the children in your lives and think ‘gosh they are going to go grow up to be a leader!’? Whether it based on how they interact with other children or how they take charge of the playroom – we see it. Even when we fail to see it in ourselves. And hey, it is totally alright being ‘OK’ with not being a leader but we believe identifying them in your organization and business are crucial

Don’t allow the ‘lack’ of leaders be as a result of a self limiting belief. Instead, identify those who would love to be (or have thought about it) and help nurture those leadership qualities. Because they’re in there and often just holding themselves back.

We have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people who at one point or another did not believe they had it in them. As a result, their business suffered, their teams weren’t growing, they wanted to quit.

But …

When you create a space and understanding about leadership and help them see themselves in that picture .. things change. And, we wish the very same for you. So let’s have a closer look at what some of the top leadership qualities are and how you can help develop them or even just put them to use.

#1 Communication

Take a moment and think about all things that are included in this leadership skill. Because communication encompasses things like;

  • active listening
  • clarity
  • expression
  • presentation
  • reading body language
  • storytelling

Whether you are looking to nurture your own skills or that of others in your teams who does these things well? And, think outside of the usual situations. Who messages or emails really well? Who has an incredible story to tell and you recall being moved by it when you first met? Who attends events, webinars or workshops and takes incredible notes? These, are all traits or qualities that represent good communication and may be one of the most important skills a leader needs.

#2 Motivation and Positivity

Building morale and culture is a must.

You’ll need to be sure that you build up stronger morale for your team members and even yourself. Plus, building morale in your customers is just as important. How you act, behave or lead will reflect onto your team. So think about how you speak to others (including yourself).

Pay attention to how others in your organizations handle different situations that arise. Are they adjusting well? Managing negativity with grace? Are they the problem-solver or the one who finds the silver lining in things when others can’t?

Being motivational or positive doesn’t mean that everything is smooth sailing all the time. It does mean however that yes things can be rough at times but you push through. It means that you stay clear or toxic conversations or speaking poorly of others. Leadership comes from being the voice of reason or kindness when it’s needed the most.

Positivity breeds positivity.

  • asking other for input
  • mentoring
  • recognition
  • team building
  • understanding

#3 Constant Learning and Application

What are you feeding your brain? Cliche perhaps but leaders are readers (or audiobooks are a thing too!). Attending workshops, seminars, events, trainings, blitz calls, and so on are key. But more importantly, implementing them is what defines the learner and the leader. You know those learners – they’re the ones who show up for everything and do nothing about it. Knowledge is limited until it’s applied.

  • application
  • being open to feedback
  • evaluating
  • implementing
  • planning
  • reflectiveness

So although constant or consistent learning is a great skill or practice, we believe leadership is defined in its application. You can probably identify this in yourself or others in your teams that show up to every event and training but do nothing with the knowledge and wonder why they’re still stuck. This is usually where statements like ‘events don’t help your business’ come from.

Leaders sit as close to the front of the room as they can. They want to rub shoulders with other leaders and learn from others as much as possible. Then, they leave those events and apply what they’ve learned almost immediately. Learning is great but don’t just be the student – become the teacher.

#4 Respect and Integrity

Here’s a loaded one, right? There is no grey area here. A leader should always be respectful of others – regardless of where they are in another persons organization. Upline, downline, sideline, doesn’t matter line. Being respectful to others says more about you that most people consider.

And integrity? Well, anywhere that you work closely with others challenges ones integrity. There will be so many things thrown at you (good and bad) and how you deal with that is key in leadership.

  • accountability
  • empathy
  • credibility
  • honesty
  • reliability
  • transparency


Think of those people in your teams who you get that great feeling about when you are around them or even when you hear their name. Lack of integrity in business will always catch up to you. Having morals and values are so important.

Don’t ever lose sight of them.

In closing, do you see yourself in these words? Can you identify these traits in your organization? They’re there, we promise. Now, sometimes they won’t always jump out at you because we get caught up in who’s recruiting the most or selling the most products. Meanwhile, one of your next top leaders are just there needing someone to nurture their strengths.

This doesn’t mean hold their hand – but as a leader yourself, it means helping them see the qualities they possess and help them maximize on them instead of magnifying the cannot’s. This is an area we absolutely love – so if we can be of assistance to help you discover them in yourself or others, be sure to connect with us. Lets’ build some leaders, shall we?


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Choose to Shine,


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