Somebody, maybe even you needs this message. You have a ton of goals and things you want to accomplish but you’re lacking this four letter word: WORK. Truth is, at one point or another we all lack motivation and as a result, our goals suffer. We have met so many people over our 20 year career with major goals with no drive.

Time becomes a commodity and for some strange reason we put these crazy deadlines on our timeframe for success.

Consider comparing network marketing and entrepreneurship to marriage. See, when we got married imagine we said to each other; ‘alright babe we have 90 days to make this work and if it doesn’t, we’re done’.

How silly does this sound?!

And although we know it sounds wild, it’s no different than those who get into business with this mentality of seeing if it will work. Guess what? We know it works but the real question here is WILL YOU?

Suffering from having Goals with no Drive?

Here’s the good news – you have goals and you have the ambition to achieve them. This is the first step in creating life you’ve always desired. But, you’re lacking that drive. Drive, comes in all sizes, shapes and forms and we want to give you a few suggestions on how to find that drive inside you.

We want you to picture a bonfire. Imagine you’re out at a cabin with a bunch of your friends, you’ve got the marshmallows, the acoustic guitars and you’re ready to jam. Everyone is gathered by the fire, keeping toasty, laughing, sharing ideas, etc. You’re there too but … you’re about 10 feet away.

You’re within earshot but not quite in the action. A lot of the time we don’t realize how cold we are until we get around the fire. So, the decision is ultimately yours, right? Take that step, make that decision and get around the action. This is no different in entrepreneurship.

We need to be around the fire (literally and figuratively).

When you get plugged into calls, webinars and events, it lights that fire within you. A huge component of finding that drive is embedded in team culture. It’s discovered and elicited from being around others who are working towards their goals, their dreams and their desires.

In other words, get around the fire!

On a forum we love to use called Quora, we found an article that suggested considering these 3 things to determine where you’re at in terms of lacking the drive to achieve your greatness.

  1. What are the things you do on a daily basis? If you’re not taking steps towards your goals and ambitions, then what is it that you are doing with your time? When we take a step back and examine how we spend our days it makes us realize how much time we waste.
  2. What gets you up in the morning – why do you do the things you do? It’s a really difficult question to answer, but answering it with sincerity will shed some light on why you’re not taking actions towards your dreams. 
  3. Write down your goals and ambitions and ask yourself, WHY? Why is it that you have THESE goals and ambitions as opposed to others. Keep those answers in a sacred place and let them begin to guide your decision making.

We encourage you to take a few moments and answer these questions for yourself now.

Great. You’ve taken the time to answer these things and now, it’s time to take some action. And, although the task to step into finding a remedy to your feeling of having no drive know this; the steps are simple but we recognize that they’re not easy.

But nothing great comes from easy, right?

Make a Decision.

Everything in life starts with a decision. It allows us to make a commitment to ourselves that we want to achieve something. For example, you know you’re feeling stuck and you’re here — seeking answers.

Now, it’s time to put that decision to work.

Let your WHY guide you. You’ve probably heard that a lot in the network marketing and entrepreneurial space – what is your WHY? Why are you doing this business? What are you working FOR? How will this person, place or thing be better as a result of your goals? Being super clear on these WHY’s are key. It is often what will propel you on the days you simply don’t feel like it. Your why is something that will push you when you feel like you have nothing left to give. Write it down, tell your friend, mentor, upline — somebody.

Give that person permission to hold you accountable on the days you have – you guessed it – no drive.

Your next Decision is about Taking Action.

Now, we know you have goals and ambitions so we want you to ask yourself this; what is my plan to achieve them?

We use SMART goals a lot in defining our goals but definitely use what works best for you. That BIG and maybe even scary goal could come with 100 steps to get there and that’s OK. In fact, it’s important. Breaking down those goals into tiny steps satisfies are couple things;

  1. Makes the goal(s) manageable
  2. Helps you celebrate the smaller wins along the way
  3. Maintains your focus without overwhelm

If breaking down your goals is something you could use a little help with – make sure you comment at the end of this blog and let us know. Or better yet, reach out — we have goals to support and impact people — but we can’t do so without knowing they need it. Please know that this applies to anyone whether we know each other (yet) or not.

Now, Understand this …

Understand that you don’t really want the things you say you do unless you’re putting in the work. We don’t mean this in an ugly or harsh way but more so as a reality check. If you truly WANT the things you say you do, that no drive vibe disappears. It emerges like the fire we mentioned above.

Most of us SAY the things we want in life. Few of us actually SET ascertainable goals. Even fewer pursue those goals, and a minuscule amount of us come anywhere close to achieving those goals.

Where do you fall into that equation?

Actions always speak louder than words.

Get around the fire, be explicit with your WHY and take action. All of this starts with your decision.


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Spark your Influence,

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