Another loaded question we hear ALL the time — here’s a hard truth … Most people in our profession are part-time. So, when part-time businesses are thriving naturally people want to know when should you go full time in network marketing, right? And, we wanted to break it down for you the way we do with those on our teams.

A few things may surprise you where we believe other things will make a whole lot of sense when you hear them.

First thing we want you to take note of is that part-time network marketers hold an unbelievable story that they are able to weave into their every day life and the story becomes so relatable. Because the truth is, most people don’t relate to our story (at least note initially). It feels impossible or unattainable where the part time story holds POWER.

So, if you’re part time in the deal … don’t ever sell your story short, please!

Thinking about Going Full Time in Network Marketing?

Another thing we want you to take note of is that the part-time person often gets way more stuff done than the full time person. This happens because the full timer all of a sudden has all this extra time and they don’t have the same sense of urgency. We know we’ve been there — suddenly time freedom turns into lazy or procrastinating with the assumption of having all kinds of ‘extra’ time.

Another thing we’ve experienced in our teams is that people who make the transition from part-time to full time in network marketing enter a phase of desperation. And guess what? Prospects can smell desperation from a mile away! Suddenly it kicks in that there are bills to pay, mouths to feed, mortgages, etc. and this sudden panic kicks in.

Sure, it’s SCARY stuff and it’s why we can’t stress enough the important of the next 3 things we STRONGLY encourage to consider before you transition from part-time to full time in your business.

When to pull the trigger on going full time in the business

  1. You are making a consistent income (meaning all the time) and you’re able to sustain it over the course of a year. Solid and steady wins in the transition phase.
  2. Bank 12-18 months worth of income as a safety net (your nest egg). This will help you stay out of desperation mode and focus instead on the same strategies and activities that gave you an opportunity to ‘go full-time’.
  3. Your network marketing income should be at the very least the same as your employment income but ideally more.

We didn’t go full time until we were debt free and had banked 18 months of income and had a very sustainable business and team.

When you do take the steps to transitioning … we would encourage you to learn how to take your leadership to the next level. This will help you strengthen your foundation and own leadership to create more stability in your business in the long term.

Leaders building Leaders.

Where are you on the whole topic of going full-time in network marketing? Is this a goal of yours? Are you already there?

Wherever you are, know that we are cheering you on!


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when to go full time in network marketing

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