When you first start your own business, it’s easy to think that everyone else will be excited for you, right? We mean why wouldn’t your friends and family support your decision to improve your life, start a new career path and enjoy a flexible work at home business? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way most of the time. Your family can sometimes be your biggest critics and so, we want to give you our top tip to get your family on board with your business!

Planning is the key to your success in a home based business. And it’s a great way to show your family how serious you are. Your business plan should cover everything from defining your business, identifying your audience and how you’ll reach it, outlining how you’re going to pay for it, and your goals to attaining the income you are seeking to achieve.

Knowledge is power and often, having this detailed plan in place can be a huge difference maker in your home. This is especially true for your spouse or even adult children you may have living with you.

We believe, the younger ones will benefit from our top tip coming up — along with other family and even your closest friends.

Ready to get your Family on Board?

In addition to the tip we shared above in the video, we want to give you a few more details on how you can get those closest to you, on board. Because we GET it. We work with clients every single day who experience challenges with the family just not supporting them and it starts to take a toll, right?

Naturally, not everyone will want to be a part of your process … BUT, we do believe those who love and care about you WILL want to see you achieve your goals and live your best life.

It is that vision we want them to buy into — and who knows, it’s entirely possible that with the right plan in place they will want to be part of your process and ultimately, your business!

Few More Examples to Getting your Family on Board …

Show them examples of success stories (and they don’t need to be elaborate ones!) Share the ones that align most with where you are at and, where you want to go. If you don’t have these stories in your bank of example … reach out to your sponsor, team member, or leader in your network to ensure you are equipped with ones that suit your vision best!

Allow for an adjustment period. So, what’s important is don’t expect everyone to be on board from the jump. The idea can take time to sink in for some people and we want to allow them that grace. People fear what they don’t understand and not everyone is entrepreneurial. Even though home based businesses and working online has been around a while, it’s still different enough, and it’s important to respect their timing too.

Ask them for help. As they start to get on board with the idea of your new business, make them part of your business. Children can file, spouses can sometimes do what you’re doing or offer technical help.

Involve your family and kids as much as you can.

There are lots of tasks they can help with so they feel part of the business and you can spend quality time with them. Make sure to set aside family time and have a work schedule so you are all clear on work vs. family time. Establishing these boundaries is key for everyone.


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