There are a few key obstacles that entrepreneurs and network marketers come across when it comes to building a business online. We’re sure there are a few things coming to mind, right? Well, in this post we want to share with you one of our biggest breakthroughs when it came to creating online content. Specifically, social media posts that generate leads and sales.

Because let’s be honest — we need both leads and sales to grow an organization and customer or client base.

What we want you to know is that it was only a handful of years ago, we were building our business almost 100% offline. The online world was a little intimidating and truth is, we didn’t even really know where to start.

So, thanks to great support and coaching we went to WORK.

The breakthrough we share in this video is exactly how we’ve gone ahead and created massive teams using the power of the online world that we were once terrified of.

Can Social Media Posts Generate Leads and Sales?

In short, the answer is a BIG YES! But .. you first need to know how to get the right content out there. And what we have found in our own organizations with many of our clients — creating content is a huge obstacle.

Knowing what to post or quite honestly how to create any type of content that people want to consume and then somehow translating that to business. See why this can feel overwhelming? We get it and it’s for this reason we’re sharing this today!

Our Challenge to You:

Grab a piece of paper or notebook and at the top of the page, write;

  1. What I want to be known for and,
  2. What do you feel that you’re already known as.

Take this opportunity to just brain dump. Get everything onto that piece of paper that falls into these 2 titles. Don’t worry about making things pretty or questioning what comes to mind — just get it out and onto that paper.

It’s these lists that will help you create content that is in alignment with you. And, when you’re in alignment your true authentic self will always shine through. Not only will this help give you a great list of ideas to post and talk about but, it will also help you stay true to you. Guess what happens when we’re true to who we are?

Naturally, it will start to attract people to you that FEEL they have a genuine connection to you. Be it for your expertise, your common interests, your humor and so on — Being YOU will always win (and attract the right people).

Here are a few more things to consider that will help that content train flowing;

  1. List the things that make you ‘tick
  2. Name things that keep you up at night from excitement
  3. What keeps you moving toward your goals and dreams?

Once you figure out who you are on social media … what you post will become effortless! And as a result, will help you generate more leads and sales into your business every time you hit publish.

Do you accept the challenge? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share a few things from your lists!

As an added bonus (because who doesn’t love a bonus …), be sure to grab our 50 Social Media Posts GUARANTEED to get your MORE Likes, Comments and Share! Just click HERE!


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