If you are in sales, you have probably heard the phrase “the fortune is in the follow up.” But what does that really mean? Does it mean you hound people over and over again until they are tired of you and never want to hear your name again? No! Of course not! However, there are some pretty simple things you can do that will really pay off in the end. So, is follow-up important? Heck yes!

Studies show that it takes an average of 8 contacts with a prospect to finally turn a lead into a sale. Most people stop at contacts. The first, being the initial contact and then maybe a reminder and that’s it!

Some prospects never even make it past the initial contact. This, can be a huge problem in your business.

Why is Follow-up Important?

Having a system to track your contacts is essential. There are many systems out there, the key is to choose one that works for you and then, use it! Some of you may prefer pen to paper, maybe you use a spreadsheet or otherwise or, you may even have a tracking system. Whatever it is — become super consistent in using it.

Think about it, there are people who you may hear about later who purchased through someone else because you weren’t there.

So, is follow-up important? Check out these scary stats …

48% of salespeople never follow up with the prospect. 25% make only a second contact, 12% make only three contacts, and just 15% of salespeople make more than three contacts.

Which person will you be?

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Between the first contact and the agreed upon follow up, send a quick e-mail telling them you enjoyed speaking with them (or a social media message). Be sure to thank them for their interest and remind them of their commitment. This shows you care and lets the prospect know you are serious. 

If more information was requested, website, document, etc., tell them you will send it out to them (or in whatever form is appropriate) and that you will follow-up in “x” days. Don’t forget to get a commitment on that date. Then put the “appointment” tracking system and follow-up on time!

After “x” days, call or meet with the client, asking them if they have any questions about the info you provided. At this point, you are way ahead of the average number of contacts and should have made a positive impression on this prospect.

And by now, they probably remember your name.

These are game changers! How well are you at following-up? Are you going to be the above average business owner? Sure hope so! Let us know how we can help make follow-up important for you.


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