Ready for a shocking stat? Once you’ve overcome the hurdle of attracting and collecting leads, 70% of those leads are mishandled! Generally, this is as a result of poor or zero follow-up.

Imagine, you’ve worked so hard;

  1. networking
  2. connecting online/offline
  3. creating solid content and /or videos

… and you blow it by failing to follow-up with those who reached out to you. Don’t be THAT person!

Today, we want to share with you 4 reasons you should focus on the follow-up and, how to make it happen!

Fortune is in the Follow-Up

The best follow-up is one that adds value to the prospect or audience. Perhaps some thoughts to help them, or links to useful resources even. The more that it’s clear you’ve thought about them and how to help them, the more likely they are to classify you as someone to do business with.

Let’s be honest here .. people ARE busy, right?

However, sometimes those same business people just need a little friendly reminder or nudge. In many cases it’s probably they meant to reconnect with you and simply got busy with something else. You would be surprised how many people are actually thankful for that reminder.

Additionally, that fear of bothering someone is completely in our heads. Most people will let you know when they are simply not interested. Get out of your own way.

Focus on the 7 Exposure Rule

You’ve heard this before; people need to be exposed to products or services at least 7 times (on average) before making a purchase. The same goes for you. It isn’t uncommon to have multiple (even 7!) conversations before they are ready to see what you have to offer.

Follow-up with those prospects up to 7 times before counting them out. Sure, it’s a bit of a process but if you are building for the long-term, you HAVE the time. And, you may find that on that 7th exposure they are more than ready to buy (or work with you).

Create a Consistent Follow-Up Strategy

With all the tools available at your fingertips these days, follow ups don’t need to take a whole lot of time. Here are some of the ways we create consistent follow-ups in our business. This allows us to ensure they are getting done without wasting time.

  1. weekly content through our blog
  2. weekly emails
  3. messenger follow-ups every Friday
  4. ongoing list of new prospects to connect or reconnect with
  5. responding to comments/inquires on videos
  6. business page content and automated messaging

Overall, we do all of our follow-up personally. Automated messages are only used to qualify prospects — we believe wholeheartedly in relationship marketing.

Get Ahead of the Game

A recent Hubspot article stated that most people give up (40%) after the first follow-up. Think about all of those people who are laying in wait for someone to connect with them.

When your purpose and intention is to impact and influence lives, serve that intention. See it through until they have said ‘no thank you‘ or, ‘let’s get started‘. Don’t fall into the 40% and certainly don’t fall into the 70% who aren’t following up effectively.

Be the difference.


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