Most successful network marketing professionals know that mastering the follow up in critical. They understand that the true foundation is built through relationships and then converting those relationships into customers and/or distributors. Without the relationship piece, the rest is much harder to say the least.

This, is especially true when you are using social media to build your business.

In today’s post, we will share with you 3 tips we believe will help you become a follow up machine. And, the best part is these are strategies that you begin implementing today. Are you familiar with the phrase ‘the fortune is in the follow up’? More than likely you are, and believe us when we tell you we have witnessed this first hand.

In fact, here’s a quick personal share.

When you learn how to follow up effectively, you also learn that this process can be both a short one or what we learned over the years — a long one. However, the longer ones can be worth every moment spent. Just recently, a business partner of ours hit the $2 million dollar mark in her business.

Want to guess how long we followed up with her for?

12 months. Not sure what your guess was, but we imagine it wasn’t close to that right? So think about that for a moment … If you knew that a member of your team would reach $2 million dollars in their business, would you follow up for that long? Of course you would.

Keep that story in mind the next time you start feeling that following up with someone is a waste of time or, not going anywhere.

Let’s dive in now shall we?

3 Tips to Becoming a Business Follow Up Machine

Tip #1 — Set the follow up with your invitation. 

The invitation may vary based on what your product, service or opportunity is but the end game is the same. We say this because for example in our business there are plenty of resources such as; Facebook groups, mobile apps, videos, traditional three way calls or messaging, and so on. Whereas, we appreciate this isn’t always the case in other companies.

However, regardless of how you invite them to take a look, the follow up plug will always be the same. Here’s an example:

Hey John, I know after you watch the video I sent you that you will have lot’s of great questions and I would love to answer them while they’re still fresh in your mind. When can I reach back out to get those answers for you?’.

In some ways, this encourages ‘John’ to watch the videos, and give you a timeframe in which he will. In other ways he has given you a date/time to reconnect, ensure you honor that time. It is amazing how much this is overlooked.

Tip #2 — Find out where your prospects are at. 

People will almost always tell you what you need to know. Instead of following up aimlessly with someone or worse, shoving more information down their throats ask them where they’re at in their decision. We typically use a scale from 1-10. Here’s an example:

Hey John! I would love to ask you about the business (products), on a scale of 1-10 with 10 meaning you’re ready to rock, where are you at?’.

And guess what? If he’s a 5 — don’t freak out. What comes next is easy. Ask John what he would need to inch him closer to a 10. It is probable he might want to know more about the compensation plan or perhaps he wants to try a product first. Whatever the case is — ask, and then zip it! Let the prospect reply and adjust accordingly.

Alternatively, if John’s answer were a 1 then don’t abandon the relationship. You are just more aware of where the conversations should be had moving forward.

However, if John’s answer were a 10 well, let’s not waste any time and let’s help him launch his business. The main thing is this, find out where they’re at and meet them there.

Tip #3 — Asking for permission to follow up.

One of the great things about our company is they are almost always giving us reasons to initiate a follow up. Relate it to your own— how excited are you when a new product launches or a sale or promotion is happening? Use these tools to follow up with people you have previously connected with.

This strategy is especially helpful when you set your last conversation up to do so. Here’s an example:

Hey John, I know this isn’t in your budget right now because you told me, but would it be OK if I reconnected with you when a sale or promotion was happening?’.

This example is positioned to help your prospect, and nothing more. Sure, it will help you in the long run, but when we focus these things on to what others need, the sales come naturally.

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Follow Up Machine

We did mention 3 tips but we are sure you won’t mind if we throw in a few extras that we love, right? Here’s one you can do, right now. Collect stories. Find 5 customer stories and 5 distributor stories that you can keep in your arsenal and share them when and where they’re needed.

Let’s assume for a moment that your most recent prospect said, I’m so sorry but right now I just don’t think I have the time. With the right story your response could be something like this:

John, you know what’s so funny I have this man Tony on our team who said the same thing! However, he did give it a go and now he has more time than he knows what to do with travelling the world — crazy right?’.

Obviously you want to use your own verbiage and what makes the. most sense for you, but carrying those stories with you is pretty powerful stuff!


Let us know in the comments which of the four phases of business you currently find yourself in!

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Choose to Shine,

Follow Up

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