A common saying identifies three types of people in this world – those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happened, and those who make things happen. Successful entrepreneurs fall into the last category. 

Entrepreneurs are the difference makers, the visionaries, and the agents of change. They strive to make the world a better place, and they inspire greatness along the way. 

So, how do they do all of these amazing things?

And, how can we ensure that we are doing them too? 

Confront and embrace your fears.

All of the good things are on the other side – trust us. “Fear rips us from freedom. It is the destroyer of greatness. We know this, and we know we should tame our mind in order to defeat fear,” author Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto. And so, successful entrepreneurs have found a way to embrace their fear as a means of defeating it.

Successful entrepreneurs get sleep

No one does anything well when they are exhausted. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, at some point you have probably apologized for being snippy or lashing out at someone by saying, “Sorry, I’m just tired.”

This isn’t just an excuse that entrepreneurs fall back on to justify bad behavior — sleep really does affect ones mood. More recently when it comes to the successful entrepreneurs, studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to irritability and an inability to control one’s anger. In fact, even partial sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on a person’s mood. Sleep matters – please don’t lose sight of that.

Realize that it’s ok to make mistakes

In fact it’s essential for growth and development. 

Learning from mistakes is still an important piece for anyone willing to stop, examine, and regroup from a major screw-up or a minor misstep. The key however, is to quickly work through the emotions linked to a mistake or the fear of making one.

It’s the emotions that mess us up. They can lead to false conclusions that we often hold on to as ultimate truths; “I don’t ever want to experience that again!” “I’ll never trust someone with my idea again.” And, if we’re not careful, we believe these conclusions, preventing us from taking risks or accepting challenges that push us outside our comfort zones.

We teach ourselves to avoid the feelings linked to the previous mistakes. In short, know that they’re going to happen and that it’s totally OK!

Practice self-discipline

Make your bed, exercise, make a TO DO list and get it done. Self-disciplined and successful entrepreneurs are masters of their patience. They see the bigger picture and stick to the plan. They trust their efforts and believe to achieve big, being perseverant and persistent.

Your habits and routines may vary from the next person but this doesn’t change that they exist. Take a look at your current routines. If you work out of the home, what does your morning or evening time look like? If you work in the home examine the habits you’ve created that are separate from personal and professional. Can’t find the distinction – create one now.

The days we fall short in motivation are the days that self-discipline will save.

Give to others

More and more research is showing that true success and happiness comes from helping others. Give to give not to receive. Think about the last thing you did for someone else. Did you do with the expectation of something in return?

Have you given a thought, kind word or offered a gesture in hopes of it being reciprocated? How about the content you share online — do you give it all away intentionally and without expectation of someone buying or joining you?

Your personal wellbeing will be overflowed when you consistently give to others. In many ways, this will fill up your cup allowing you to be even more abundant in your value.

Overall, successful entrepreneurs are no different from you or anyone else. They are people who have made the commitment to good habits, decided to be all in and knew that the key to true success was by loving on others.


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Choose to Shine,

successful entrepreneurs

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