In late 2017, Facebook rolled out a feature called Facebook Stories. One would think it would take off like its bestie Instagram Stories or SnapChat, right? Wrong. In fact, there are so few people using Facebook stories that they’ve already started to roll it out to business pages, and bigger brands.

So, you might be wondering why on earth would Facebook Stories be a good way to make money. Especially, if it is not playing in the same field (yet) as the other social media platforms. Our answer is simple — This is exactly why you want to be there!

Facebook Stories Creators are Low — Eyeballs however, are High

Do us a favor, after reading this blog head over to your Facebook app and take a peak at how many stories are posted for you to watch. As we write this, of around 4 thousand Facebook friends, there are only 23 stories published.

Now, this tells us your story will get noticed. And, even if your story ends up last those are still good odds yours will still be seen. Unlike for example on Instagram — so many stories admittedly we don’t always get through even half of them!

So, in this industry one of the main things we often hear is the word saturation, right? This is a simple case study that would indicate without question, that there is zero saturation in the Facebook stories world. Back to the purpose of this post — how to make money there. Truth is, you already have that infamous ‘first movers advantage’ thing going on, right?

Let’s dive into what type of posts work there and which ones don’t. Because, let’s be honest you can’t just throw anything at Facebook stories and boom! income. However, there are definitely a few key things you can do to get the ball rolling.

How to Use Facebook Stories

We decided we should probably start with the basics. First things first this section is ideal for anyone who has never used Facebook Stories yet or, would like a reminder on how to even get one posted. We should note that stories are not available for everyone on desktop yet so we are only going to focus on using them from your mobile phone, deal? Great.

  1. Open up your Facebook (or messenger) App on your mobile device
  2. At the top, you will see a plus sign (+) and a title that reads ‘add to your story
  3. Click on the (+), this will open up your camera (if you have not already given Facebook permission to access your camera you will likely be prompted here, to do so)
  4. Once the camera opens up, like SnapChat and Instagram you will now be able to reverse the camera if you want, and/or choose different and often funny filters for your images. If you decide to choose one, this would be the spot but let’s hold off for now.
  5. To take the picture, you hit the white button in the middle of your screen at the bottom
  6. Once you have taken the picture, the image will show along with 3 different options at the top a) an emoji b) Aa (letters) and a squiggly line

Little Breakdown for the Number 6

a) the emoji, will give you different emojis to choose from, slogans and/or words, the time, location, etc.

b) Aa (letters) will open up a screen that will allow you to type words or a short sentence. You can play with then colors there and there are a couple different font options.

c) a squiggly line, will give you access to be able to draw on the picture. You can choose a different size ‘brush’, change the color, etc.

Our suggestion? Play around with these features a little bit so that you can get used to them. You don’t need to worry about anything posting by accident — there’s a pretty clear option at the end you have to choose for that to happen.

In fact, it reads ‘post to my story‘.

What are the Best Facebook Stories to Create

Remember, network marketing is all about relationships. So, when we let our audience see a little bit more of who we are — perhaps even less refined, or that behind the scenes vibe, stories are where it’s at. Let us assume you are sitting down in your backyard patio connecting with prospects via messenger. 

Share that! Without, saying that.

Open up your Facebook stories take a fun picture of you outdoors, or your patio even. You could add some wording along the lines of ‘I just love ‘working’ outdoors!’. This would be a great place to add a fun emoji, maybe a beach umbrella or a great big smile. Post it to your story.

This, has shown your audience that you sometimes get to ‘work’ outside. Think of all the people who would love the ability to do that during the warmer months. If your kids are outdoors with you, include them too. Nothing speaks more to a parent than the outdoors, with your children, handling your business.

Pre-Plan your Facebook Stories with a Storyboard Approach

No matter how you want to tell your Story, you’ll want to do some pre-planning. Facebook Stories are designed to be a less polished and more intimate than usual videos, but to get the most out of Stories, plan ahead to avoid making mistakes or missing a key opportunity to achieve one of your social media goals.

For example, if you promote a health and wellness company who makes the best shakes around — share a great picture of your finished glass of goodness. For fun, add the umbrella emoji making it appear as though it is a drink found only in the islands. The suggestion to pre-plan is so that you can carefully combine your Facebook stories with your existing social media content.

The best part is that stories and your timeline can totally overlap.

In fact, one of the best approaches to using Facebook stories is to peak curiosity with the story, directing people for the whole scoop check out my profile page!

Check out who has Viewed your Story

At the bottom of your posted Facebook Story, you also are able to see who has viewed your story and, how many of them were followers. These are great ways to sort of ‘keep tabs’ on who’s watching what you have going on, and a great conversation starter.

Get into a habit while you are building your Facebook stories audience to check in and see who’s been checking you out!

Another habit worth getting into is, take a quick note how many views your stories are getting. This gives you a great way to compare which ones at which times make the most sense for your audience. Numbers don’t lie.

Facebook Stories Wrap-Up

In closing, there are a ton of good reasons to add Facebook Stories to your content calendars. From being prime Real Estate at the top of everyone’s page, the intimate up close and personal approach you can take behind the scenes, and to play on a playground with very few network marketers — Facebook Stories are without a doubt something you want to take advantage of.

Be mindful about using the same practices you would with posts on your timeline too. This means, avoid positing too much information about your product or company all over stories — you don’t want to go from a billboard to a commercial after all!

So to answer the title, how are network marketers making money using Facebook Stories, it’s simple — stand out, peak curiosity, connect with your audience and work those relationships!

Let us know if this post was helpful and if you would benefit from an even deeper dive into Facebook Stories!


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Choose to Shine,

Facebook Stories

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