We felt it appropriate to lead with this; we’ve ALL been there! Gosh, we remember when we first started taking our business online we based so much on the likes we received or didn’t). Somewhere, we decided that Facebook likes would dictate our success.

And, as you can imagine when you’re first starting out there aren’t many people who jump on your live videos, right? Or sometimes, people love consuming your content but just don’t ‘say so’ and because they didn’t like it we assume no one is hearing us.

Well guess what? Stop basing your success and worth on Facebook likes.

See, we had to shift our own perspective on this and when we did, the game changed. Why? Because we stayed consistent whether we knew anyone was there or not. We continued to deliver a message that was on our heart knowing that if it reached even one person, it was well worth it.

Your are Worth much more than Facebook Likes!

Your message inside of you is so powerful.

It’s possible that YOU hold the solution to a problem someone needs solved.

Another thing we want to touch on, as we do in the video above is this … Transparency is important — YES. However, recently we heard a quote that said ‘share the scars not the wounds. And, it hit us where we needed it the most because, we can definitely get caught up in wanting to share the ugly, right? Sometimes we feel as though sharing our struggle in the moment will help. When in fact, much of what that does is cultivate sympathy — and when we’re in business we all know this isn’t ideal.

Some of the most powerful messages are shared after you’ve overcome. People want to know you found a solution and one you an share with them. So although the journey is important without question, be at a point in that journey that you’re sharing with a solution, a path or a suggestion that helped you.

Facebook likes are no different than what is often referred to as vanity metrics.

Sure, they’re great for our egos but, there’s not much room for egos in business (there’s probably already too much of that!!).

We want to encourage you to show up even if there’s nobody (from your perception) there. Show up with your message, the value you bring and the solutions you offer. Be the light in someone’s life today.

And know that, even one person is worth every moment you pour into what you’re doing.


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Spark your Influence!

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