Whether you are just starting out in business or maybe still feeling your way around – this post is for you. We are going to give you a few key (and guaranteed) tips to help you get excited. They will help you get excited about your business in general and, when talking to new people.

Because listen, we know all too well what it’s like to get started in the network marketing profession and then realize oh no … we need to talk to people?! We’ve all been there. So, we hope you can take away some massive value from this post, share it with others and more important implement these tips TODAY.

Purpose & Intention will get you Excited

Are you familiar with the term weak belief? In the simplest explanation it means you’ve failed to attain or have lost believe in something. In this case, your business. There are a ton of people when they do not see success start to lose belief. So, what we encourage people to do is;

  1. evaluate the markers of success
  2. determine how close they are to the ‘fire’
  3. plug into events, calls, webinars, etc.


Once you know where you’re at the rest gets easier. Often what people find is that their marker of success was so far off being realistic at this stage. Or, they notice they have not connected with their leadership or been plugged into the culture in weeks! The moment we take inventory of ourselves we often find the answers.

How are you showing up to your conversation or presentation with people? 

Think about what your intention is for the conversation. You might find that you go into a new conversation with the sole purpose of ‘signing someone up’ whereas, what if you just went into it to be a friend? Evaluate your expectations in your conversations with others — they should only be about the relationship.

You want to investing and go all in with your relationships. There are some people we spoke to years ago about our business who decided to join us just recently. Why? Because we communicate and we listen.

When the time is right for the other party, then it’s their time.

Understand that it’s possible their time may never come and you need to be OK with that.

Layered Belief

Layered belief is where there is a combination (or layer – hence the name) of growing belief. This is where people start to feel more excited. Perhaps they have a belief in being;

  1. A product of the products and,
  2. feel a sense of pride about company, leadership, profession, etc.


It is here where things start to progress as a whole. It is in this stage where people find it easier to push through those moments of doubt or thoughts of giving up. Like an onion, layered belief holds merit in each one – they can work together and hold each other together when one layer start to slip.

Get Excited about other People

Celebrate them whether they’re in your company or not. Celebrating others elevates the profession and elevating the profession, elevates us! That is something to be excited about.

The final thing we want to share with you is something that Eric Worre shared with us about 10 years ago now;

The 1, 3, 5 and 7 Formula

The numbers, signify years in the profession and matched with those years are what the expectations are of you. Because listen, the expectation isn’t that you come into the profession and you’re all of a sudden this rockstar. Sure we’ve seen it happen but let’s go with the more realistic side of things. Scenarios we have seen happen time and time again.

1  – Become proficient

3 – Taking your part-time income and turning it into full-time income

5 – Bigger money (or whatever that looks like for you)

7 – Rockstar

Knowing this, does it change the mindset you may have been carrying around with you? That big ol’ heavy load of expectations and feeling less than accomplished?

Final Perspective on Expectations and Helping you get Excited

Picture your company as a school bus.

Inside, driving the bus — is you.

Your job on that bus is one thing; open the door and invite people on. It is not your decision who gets on or off. Apply this to your business. Your primary role is to invite people on it is up to them whether they take a seat and stay a while (or not).

It is the simplicity where the magic happens.

Get excited about connecting with people and building relationships.


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Choose to Shine,

excited talking to people for business

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