Being an effective leader means looking both inside ourselves and outside of ourselves for answers. Maybe you’re trying to solve a broad problem like surviving the slower months or, a specific one like collecting on an older invoice. Learning the skills of an entrepreneurial leader are key.

See, you need to have a deep understanding of yourself and what drives you. Meanwhile at the same time, viewing your work as being part of a bigger picture. There will be a mixture of energies that involve other people — making them work together is imperative.

You may be the creative force in your business but you require other people to scale it into incredible success.

That’s where Entrepreneurial Leadership Fits in

Entrepreneurs have a long term vision, but are also relentlessly focused on the activities that get them to their vision in the here and now.  Good entrepreneurs are always recruiting—talent, advisors, and customers.   When it comes to entrepreneurial leadership, shortly we are going to share with you what we believe to be 4 habits all entrepreneurs should possess.

Some will come more naturally than others but the good news is with the right practice — each can be achieved.

Being passionate is an essential trait for leaders.

It’s more fun to build a business based on what you’re passionate about than simply focusing on income. When you look around you, at successful leaders and entrepreneurs, there is no doubt they’re passionate about what they’re doing, right?

Your energy and enthusiasm will fuel your efforts, and others will take notice. Passion is contagious, and if you’re naturally excited about your business, the people around you probably will be too. We wanted to include passion above the other habits because in our opinion — you are either passionate or your not. And if you’re not, it’s never too late to chase what you ARE passionate about.

Because, if your goal is the ultimate entrepreneurial leadership — and you’re not passionate how can you expect others to follow your lead in the long run?

Now that we’ve covered all that, let’s dive into the habits you can start creating today!

4 Effective Habits of an Entrepreneurial Leader

First and foremost — know yourself. Know the things you passionate about, amplify your strengths and be clear on the things that are meaningful to you. These are where words like purpose and intention come in. Being explicit in how you feel or think about what you’re doing will not only catapult your business but help others, buy into your vision.

Secondly, be an exceptional listeners. When it comes to those who are mastering entrepreneurial leadership, you will find they spend far more time listening than they do talking. Knowing those you are working with, prospecting, collaborating with, etc. is important.

And, how can you expect to know someone when you aren’t taking the time to listen? Think about that and become much more conscious of how much listening time over speaking time you are doing.

Thirdly, an entrepreneurial leader is committed to the people who work with them. They help others develop their own talents and skills. Team members or business partners make a commitment to you, when you make a commitment to them.

An entrepreneurial leader also knows that this is essential to help others grow so that the business (and other) can blossom into the future.

Lastly, these leaders take care of themselves. Between personal development and self-care they have a great handle on their overall health and wellbeing. Although it may seem like they are working 24/7 know that they do recognize when they need to unplug, refocus and get back at it.

This might be spending time with friends or family, or even catching a great book and a comfy spot on their back decks — alone. Whatever the case is, being an entrepreneurial leader means taking care of the inside, out.

Do you view yourself as an entrepreneurial leader?

Are there habits you have created that you can share with us/others? Love your feedback in the comments!


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