Over the years, influencers and entrepreneurs are learning and appreciating more and more the world of Instagram. And, it’s not just for images any longer, right? Engaging your Instagram audience is now a collection of; images, videos, GIFs, great captions, etc.

More and more people are finding their way there but are struggling with engagement. We believe a big part of this is people are flocking there unsure of how to go about it! So, in today’s post we’re going to give you MANY ideas you can incorporate into an Instagram strategy to increase, engagement.

Remember, like any other social media platform you want to create a variety of content pieces that speak to your ideal audience. Look at it as a visual way to demonstrate your brands’ values, beliefs, mission, and so on. In some cases, you may even look at this platform like a storyboard feel.

Your imagery should tell a story — one that appeals to the visual senses of course but also one that encourages the audience to DO something. You want your viewers and followers to feel connected and intrigued to know more.

Solid, stimulating, vibrant and crystal clear pictures are only the beginning. Let’s dive in with some posts that we know will help improve your ROI over there —

10 Post Ideas to Engage your Instagram Audience

Take them Behind the Scenes

Instagram is a great social media platform for humanizing your brand, and giving your audience a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes. It’s also a good way to show followers what it’s like to work with you, which is great if recruiting efforts are part of your strategy. People are naturally curious, right? Feed that curiosity!

Repost Visuals from your Audience

Check out the posts people have tagged you in, and if you love them (and they fit with your brand), consider reposting them to your own followers. Not only does it make the original person feel good, it also shows everyone that you’re HEARING to your fans. Just be sure the photos you’re reposting are of quality and that you @-mention the original poster in your caption. This will also encourage other followers to tag you more often. This strategy can also be applied to your stories.

Create Quotes that Align with your Brand

Some people make fun at the number of quotes out there on Instagram. And, so what? They speak to more people than they repel. But if you post them sparingly, they actually tend to encourage a lot of engagement. If the post speaks to your audience, people love to share them and tag their friends in the comments.

Quotes are also a great opportunity to share the types of things your brand stands for, whether it’s spiritual, inspiring, funny, or otherwise. What are some of your favs? Side note: we use Canva to create all of our images.

Include Stats in your Visuals

Another option you can consider is to overlay text on an image by posting a stat that resonates with your audience. Try using statistics from your own research, or finding some that are relevant to your message, your value offerings, and more. Prompt people in your caption how they feel about it as well!

Bring on the Laughs!

If you can make your followers laugh, they’ll also enjoy your photo — and may even share it with others. After all, sometimes the most memorable photos are the ones that make us laugh. These images are best if they include you or others you may work with. The more relatable these laughs are, the better.

Promote your Content — with Class

If you’re creating a piece of strong and enticing written content like a recipe or a blog post, use a visual platform like Instagram to promote it. Pair an interesting and relevant image with a caption that promotes the content, and then ask people to follow the link in your bio. Make sure the link in your bio is up to date and sending people to the right information!

Don’t be Shy Create those Videos!

When videos are created well, they are a great way to engage your Instagram audience. See, this type of content stands out in the feed. You can either record a video from scratch (including recording multiple video clips), or you can upload a new video from your phone the same way you’d upload a normal photo.

Best to keep your videos to around 55 seconds unless you also plan to upload them to IGTV. Don’t forget, short videos work exceptionally well in stories too!

Have a Little Fun with GIFs

GIFs are everywhere now, right? And people love them because they help accurately show ideas, messages, thoughts, and feelings in a bite size way. On Instagram, you can upload a GIF just like you would a video or, use them in your stories feature. There are SO many to choose from in stories so explore them a little more — they will engage your audience based almost primarily on their laughable and/or shiny-stand-out-from-the-rest kinda way.

Ask your Audience to ‘Tag a Friend’

While you technically can already  tag friends in posts on Facebook, it happens more regularly on Instagram. There’s a culture around tagging your friends if you see a post that resonates with you or reminds you of that person. This helps you both increase engagement and broaden your organic reach.

If you want to encourage your followers to share the post with others, sometimes all you’ve got to do is ask. In the caption, include a CTA asking people to tag their friends, and give them a prompt to do so. Travel and Fashion pages do this exceptionally well!

Cross-Promote or Repurpose Content

Cross promotion of your other social media accounts on Instagram is a great way to let your Instagram followers know where else on social media they can find you. That way, you can get your Instagram followers to become your followers on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and so on. Think about where you spend the most time and use that platform primarily. Linktree is an option you may also want to look at for your bio as a means of including these other social links where you can be found.

What other ideas do you find beneficial when looking to engage your Instagram audience? Leave them in the comments so we can all learn and, WIN!


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