Document don’t create. 

Gary Vaynerchuk coined this line, which has helped shape how we share our journey. 

Too often, we get so caught up on what content to create — without overthinking this task, and we would see that there is content everywhere. 

More importantly, we are living it every single moment. 

Think about why people connect and engage with you. More than likely, it’s because of who you are, the things you share, the places you travel to, etc. People are increasingly connected to the story rather than the product or service or, quite frankly, even the outcome.

And despite knowing this, we continue to find ourselves trapped in this content creation BLOCK. So today’s blog will help you uncover a few strategic ways to help you break through. 

Our Thoughts | Document vs. Create

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey; consistently and productively putting in the necessary work is something all network marketers, creators and business owners can relate to. It may be the late night hours, early morning calls and weekends that are part of this grind — and is something that unites us.

And, because of this unity …

.. we can only relate to regular nine-to-five jobs. 

We struggle with societal norms and work in environments that do not allow our creativity to grow. Entrepreneurs do not want to feel alone. Instead, we’d stick with each other to feel our expected version. Let’s be honest is quite the opposite of the everyday person. What ends up happening is collaboration. 

We support each other, share our resources, and introduce our networks.

Now, this is where documenting is critical. Showing the everyday person the ins and outs of what you do (and why you do it) helps you become relatable. Remember: People love the idea of community and culture — feed that to them by showing them your journey. 

Details are Everything.

You will only know how to successfully run a business if you experience and welcome the finer details. And guess what? You can only do that by fully diving into the ins and outs. 

Ask any business owner how they have learned the skills they now possess, and they will tell you what they learned from doing. 

Trial and error. 

Failing forward. 

That is how you learn. But, of course, they also document these things more often than not — after all, how else can you review, adapt or shift gears?

Own your Journey.

Think about it like this; when the media looks at the successes of most entrepreneurs, they’re looking at the end product. What created that outcome was a combination of sleepless nights, regular sacrifices, endless tweaks, and a TON of personal development. 

A successful person, whether an athlete, entrepreneur, actor or business person, is created through all the finer details from the lessons learned. 

The journey was throughout the training — to become great. 

When you document your highs and lows, share them — create a bank of endless lessons to deliver to your audience. 

Overall, people relate to the journey more than the outcome. Most people can’t fathom unlimited earning potential or answer only to themselves. The bottom line is we were never conditioned that way. 

So in knowing this, how can you start documenting your journey to attract, inspire and relate to others? 


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We Believe in You ♥️

document don't create
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