Have you ever finished a conversation with someone and thought, ‘wow that was the best conversation ever!’. We’ve found in the network marketing profession we are blessed to see our fair share.

Mind you, this does go the opposite way too on occasion.

However, in today’s post we want to share with you some of the top conversation habits of successful leaders. And our hope, is that you will start to apply them to your daily chats with others.

What can we Define as a Great Conversation?

There are severals factors that can make our conversation great. For example, a conversation to be successful there should be genuine interest in the person you talk to, or the topic of discussion should be of keen interest to both parties. Great conversations have rhythms and flow.

For us, the greatest conversations have been pretty free flowing and moved from one topic to the next almost organically. They are ones where we would end up discussing something completely unrelated from what we began with.

Also, if wit is paired with  insight, it is an unbeatable combination. It is in these conversations that often turn out to be the most productive and in some cases, lucrative.

Seek First to Understand, Not be Understood

Make it your priority in a conversation to understand where the other person is at – or where they’re coming from. Although this statement is often used to describe difficult conversations, we believe that in any relationship business it is without question applicable.

This practice is not only respectful to the other person,  but as we know the person who does the least amount of talking almost always ‘wins’. Because once you learn some excellent communication skills, how to carry a conversation and how to ask the right questions – the other person will tell you everything you ‘need to know’.

And, the moment people feel understood there’s this almost instant underlying trust or relatability factor, right? This should always be the end goal. Which leads us to our next conversation habit.

Identifying the Conversation Goal

Now, this goal is for you to identify and become familiar with – not the other party. Let’s consider this example for a moment; if you speak to 10 new people today, how many sales will that garner you?

In this case, the goal is set to sales conversions.

But guess what? Your conversations will almost never be genuine if sales are your primary goal. However, if we change the verbiage just a tad to read; if you speak to 10 new people today, how many of those people will you speak to again?

In this case, the goal is set to having another conversation or follow up.

How likely are you to feel far less pressure and as a result become way more genuine in your dialogue with them? Sales often make things complicated, so keep it out of the conversation. The moment it doesn’t feel awkward is when you know you’ve achieved the safe or trusting space. And don’t rush the process – some will take longer than others and that’s OK. Because, the time is going to pass anyway.

People want to Feel Heard

We focus too much on what we should say next, creating witty responses in our heads instead of giving full presence to the person we’re talking to. The art  or skill of listening is as important as the art of speaking. When the other person feels truly ‘heard’, they will perceive you as caring about what they are saying.

It is here, that people view you as qualities like ‘easy to talk to’, or ‘super nice or caring’. And, these also make the best type of referrals through conversation. When people like you, they are far more likely to introduce you to others they know.

Quit focusing on what others can do for you.

When people say you should network, what they mean is you should talk to others. The best way to network is to be interested in other people, ask them about what they do and how you can help them. Don’t focus on what they can do for you. Shift your focus. People love to talk about what they are interested in, and it’s a great way to get to know them, right?

Genuine Compliments go a Long way

You have probably heard before that using someone’s name in a conversation is a great touch. Over online chats or via text in today’s day and age can make this a little stranger but no less effective.

Additionally, paying someone a genuine compliment is powerful too. For example, let’s assume the other person you are speaking to has never been ‘in’ network marketing – and your secondary goal (after a great conversation) may lead to recruiting.

A genuine compliment in this case may be; ‘wow, as a teacher you must meet a ton of people all the time — do they all find you as easy to talk to as I have?’ (or something along those lines). You obviously want gear the compliment to something relatable in network marketing so keep that in mind but never stray from being genuine. You wouldn’t want to use this sort of statement if the conversation has been super dull, right?

The best conversationalists and networkers give instead of sell.

When we walk away from a connection where someone has given value for our time, we do not forget them. Giving includes listening, empathizing and sharing. The best marketers make their connections about the other person — not themselves.

Were these tips helpful? Perhaps they acted as friendly reminders? Let us know!


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