We’ve been creating content for many years now and content, it is one of the most common topics we’re asked about. So, whether you are in network marketing, an influencer, a small business owner or otherwise — you will benefit from this post! When it comes of content marketing we focus on;

The Goal that we need to Achieve through our Content Marketing

Every person in the marketing space should be clear about it.

Your content marketing efforts works only and only when it aligns with the end goal that your business wants to achieve out of it. And, when it aligns with who you are as a human first.

So, before you start creating content, focus on it. The following tips will help you become a bit clearer in your efforts and, the direction you want to head in.

Get Clear with your Communication

We hope you have a clear cut goal that you want to achieve, it can be;

  1. Create an awareness about an upcoming product launch
  2. Educate people about the new product packaging
  3. Increase your subscriber list
  4. Grow your product or service sales
  5. Tell your customer about the referral program that you have introduced.
  6. Help your sales team improve recruiting and/or retention

and the list goes on, right?

So, now when your marketing goal is clear become clearer in your communication.

You will probably agree, the days are gone where the purchasing cycle used to be simple. These days your prospect/customer is being bombarded by all the noise of content marketing in a variety of forms ..

  1. Animated video ads
  2. Podcasts
  3. YouTube videos
  4. Blogs
  5. Infographics
  6. Social media content
  7. Live videos

Now, you just cannot just keep on creating content and post it on different platforms. Because, the communication will vary based on your audience on each platform.

Every single word that you write should connect, every single image or infographics that you create should help your prospect/customers take a step towards a buying decision.

How you do that with your Content Marketing?

Well, you do it by weaving clear communication through your content and, while sharing stories.

Your audience should feel empowered, inspired and maybe even emotional with your product/service story. So, create a series of content and connect them through those stories. (we have some great blogs on storytelling content you will want to check out!)

Be Clear on where your Customers are

Once you have set your communication strategy, you have to know where your prospect/customer is spending their time.

If you have not prepared a customer avatar for your business yet — you HAVE to! Not only will it help you get clear in your messaging, content, sales efforts, etc. but it will also save you a TON of potentially wasted time.

Know what they are Engaging with

Now that you know where they are spending their time, focus on the content that they are interacting with.

You can achieve this by checking out your competitors and see which types of content are generating the most (and quality) engagement.

Evaluate the content type that your prospect/customer favors the most.

Here are a few areas to evaluate in their content marketing, for your own;

  1. The copy
  2. Color combinations in images, fonts, etc.
  3. Types of images they prefer
  4. Short or long form video content

Learn from these things! Why? Because these things are already working for someone. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. When something is working for someone else in your niche — follow their lead. The way this. type of content marketing becomes unique is because you are putting your spin, flavor and perspective on it. After all, content marketing also relies heavily on relationship marketing.

content marketing

Another area we would encourage you to spend some time in is reading through the comments on these competitors content.

In reading them, they can help you in understanding a few different areas that your prospect expresses their needs/wants. For example;

  1. Good reviews will help you understand what’s working for your competitors
  2. Bad reviews can help you understand what’s not working and how you can improve on their mistakes
  3. They can help you make a significant change in your content marketing strategy.

Choose the Medium that Works for your Audience

We have always done our best in creating the right mix of content for our audience(s). Some prefer the hybrid of online and offline (yes content exists offline too!) while others prefer when our content marketing is delivered on their time through courses, bootcamps, drip campaigns or others.

When used in a right way, traditional marketing efforts can help you increase eyeballs on your digital marketing efforts. Both of these can add great value to your content marketing goals.

Get clear on your vision (goal) and determine which content marketing efforts will best serve you;

  1. Traditional
  2. Digital

They both exist for a great reason — it’s just that you need to find what works best for you.

Lastly, we want you to consider the following steps while unleashing your content marketing strategies;

  1. Create content and distribute it on your selected mediums
  2. Analyze those efforts regularly
  3. Evaluate those analysis — eliminate what isn’t working, double down on what is
  4. Tweak where necessary and don’t be afraid to tweak often
  5. Re-distribute the the tweaked content.
  6. Continue to analyze your efforts and repeat

Did you find these tips helpful? What other areas are you finding through your content marketing strategies that could use a little bit more love n’ attention?


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