We are always looking at finding more effective ways to create content, right? Recently, we came across a great piece of content written by a marketer named Mark Shaefer and used the acronym RITE. 

So, we thought it was a GREAT way of keeping our creating on target and effective. That is what this post is all about. 


First of all, why do we spend so much time talking about online content? Well, there is a ton of noise online — including social media. And so, knowing how to create content that not only helps you stand out from the rest is crucial, but keeping it in alignment with you and your brand is crucial. 

Have you created brand pillars? We won’t dive into that a whole lot today, but we would strongly encourage you to look at who you are and what your mission is. This way, you have those words to lean on when you create anything new. Consider the meaningful things for you, the things that bring your purpose and the adjectives that go along with them. 

Now, as we go through RITE, take some time to review your current content and see where you handled this well or where there are some improvements to make. 


Think about why people follow you — specific to your niche. Are you a health and wellness advocate? An expert jewellery maker? A brilliant marketer? Now, have a look at your content (related to business). Can someone tell where your passion lies or, are you kind of all over the map? This matters. 

The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience (and yourself!). So stick with content relevant to who you are and what your audience expects from you. 


Being interesting is essential. It’s not about who can be super creative or write the most polished piece online; it’s more than that — think bigger. So what keeps people coming back to your website or social media page? 

Create content that makes people think. And, when you ask the right questions within it, people will often engage more frequently. They may say things like ‘wow, I needed this today!’ or, ‘this made me really consider XYZ’ˆ. To keep things interesting lean on that ‘wow’ factor. You want your audience to think, gosh, that was darn good or, I had no idea about this!


A good habit is checking out the trending topics each day. Twitter is an excellent platform for this, and Facebook tries their best (laughs). What happened overnight in the media? If you come across topics, articles or otherwise that align with your brand, write about it! 

If you choose to share a piece of content that’s cool too, remember to add your thoughts and perspective to it. The alignment might be clear to you, but you want to make sure that it’s also clear to your audience when using RITE. 


Last but certainly not least, using the RITE formula is entertaining. This is especially crucial on social media. Because most people are using these platforms to be social, they expect things to be lighter and easy enough to engage with. 

Images are great entertaining pieces of content. And, when you pair it with a bit of insight as to what you found most entertaining about it — your audience is more likely to do the same. So, think about the things that entertain you; music, books, movies, etc. Then, find ways of sharing these on your mediums of choice! This gives your audience some insight into you, helps attract the same like-minded people, and entertains others along its course. 

What do you think about the RITE acronym? 

Something you could benefit from? We lean on this one when we create new pieces of content — and the best part, the way your audience responds is always a great indicator if you’re on point (or not). 


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