We connect with so many people who want what we have: the successful business, the connections, the life. But unfortunately when we dig a little deeper into what they’re implementing, they aren’t doing any of what we’re doing to get where we’ve gotten — constantly and consistently.

We didn’t get here by luck. In fact, we got here by doing the things that most people won’t, making the sacrifices that most people don’t, and staying rock steady like most people can’t. Even, over 20+ years.

What we do constantly and consistently to create everything we want ;

INVEST in yourself

Invest in the things that will shorten your learning curve and will save you time and money in the long run. And no, it doesn’t have to be in a mentor or coach or courses, for you it could mean investing in a new team member, paid advertising to grow your audience, softwares or services that will make your life easier. We have invested heavily in our business growth to get where we are today. (side note: we hired coaches as well)


Every day, constantly and consistently, in the direction of what you want. Not to be confused with “busy work” or distractions. Do something every day that scares you, that makes you feel uncomfortable, but that you know you must do to move forward. Our motto in most cases is: act first, think later.

Too many people spend all this time in their heads and then talk themselves out of doing the things that actually need to be done. Analysis, paralysis.


We don’t care how you do it: passively, automated, actively, through your social media, email list or personal touch. The point is to do it constantly and consistently, every single day.

Get comfortable and confident in selling yourself and your services. And, if you want a real business instead of a hobby, then you need to be converting those shares to sales, too. (more coming in 2020 on this!)


Do not quit. Do not stop. When things gets you down, you scrape yourself off the ground and keep going! Got rejected, or when people don’t buy your things, or when a launch doesn’t go your way, you keep going.

When personal things happen, acknowledge it, do what you need to do, but keep going. We never give ourselves more than half a day at a pity party. We just pick up, pivot and remember why we started.


Mindset and energy play a huge role in being able to create anything you want. If you’re spending more time on strategy or creating graphics than you are on your daily mindset, you’re doing it backwards.

You have to have to guts to do all of the above and it starts with your mindset. 

And we can guarantee that if you commit to those same things, constantly and consistently, you will see your sales grow, new clients will come out of the blue and opportunities that grow your business will literally fall into your lap.

Are you ready to be constant and consistent in your business? Dig deep.

constantly and consistently


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Spark your Influence!

constantly and consistently
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5 Secrets For Massive Influence

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