Remember when you were little and you wanted to grow up and be an astronaut, neurosurgeon or fire fighter? And then as an adult you experienced a similar excitement when you launched your business? Then life happens and you are ready to call it quits? Throw in the towel? Give up chasing your dreams?

When children grow, they desires, needs, wants, passion or purpose changes. And, as a society we’re OK with it. Probably because we ‘expect it’. We expect that children will find their purpose later in life and we hope they pursue it, right? We sort of ‘hope for the best‘. But let’s revisit that excitement of a new entrepreneur (or seasoned one).

You started because of something powerful inside you. There was a feeling in your gut or your heart that said YES! even knowing the roller coaster ride it could be. But you still got started.

The obstacles that may be ahead weren’t as big as the ‘why’ you started.

Then WHY is it so Easy to Quit?

…  let’s roll back the time a little bit.

We know, we get it, life got in the way and you had to get real about what you were going to do. Excuses started growing and doubts started consuming everything. You let go of your dreams and they slowly floated away to become a distant memory. Sound familiar?

Or, maybe you stopped dreaming altogether because you were supposed to get practical and be responsible. Do adult-like things. You gave up on the possibility that you could have the life you desire, whatever that may have been for you.


What got in the way of living a fulfilling, free, purposeful and passionate life?

It was probably a combination of these five obstacles. Take note of why you misplaced your dreams. This is the first step to starting to dream again! Or, get that dream back on track!

5 Reasons People Stop Chasing their Dreams

#1 Practicality Showed up.


Practicality isn’t always a bad thing. We think many times in life we need to be practical. We don’t want to live with complete reckless or impulsive behavior. The problem with practicality however, is that it’s a predictable way to live most of the time. Many people choose practicality over passion and purpose. They end up giving up what they love to do because it seems ‘irresponsible’ or ‘unrealistic’!

Is that the best reason to make a decision though?

After all, it’s your choice. But, will you choose passion and purpose or practicality?

#2 People Won’t or Don’t get it.


Your dream is (or should be) personal. That is why it was given to you. You can’t expect other people to really understand what it means to you or how it makes you feel. Additionally you can’t expect people to necessarily support it.

There will be people who encourage you and people who doubt you.

Take the advice of one of the most familiar dreamers, Dr. Seuss;

‘those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’

There is a point where we have to stop asking permission to follow our dreams and just do it! If it makes you feel good, don’t worry about what other people say. They weren’t given our dream and, if they’re not out chasing theirs it’s easier to find fault in yours.

#3 It’s Risky. It’s Scary.


I think uncertainty has always been major deterring factor in many people’s lives. It goes back to practicality, right? If there isn’t a clear path and/or blueprint for how to do something it’s easy to brush it off and say ‘forget it’ that’s too difficult.

Sometimes we know what needs to done but we will rarely know exactly how it will happen. Or, how things will end up. There are so many possibilities and variables. And 1 quality of a dreamer or visionary is a willingness to see possibilities!

The ability to see potential where no one else does – even if it’s only for ourselves.

#4 Way Outside of the Comfort Zone.


We’re sure there are many people out there who would take a big leap to make their passion a reality but they feel they have too much to risk. Maybe it’s a mortgage, a family,  a retirement plan that they don’t want to jeopardize.

This is certainly a common reality for many.

However, when it comes down to it, reaching for our dreams doesn’t have to completely risk our sense of security. There are calculated risks we can take. Network Marketing being a prime example. There is most likely a way you can work toward your dream while maintaining the safety you currently possess.

Get creative! Ask someone who’s been there before.

#5 I’m too Old. It’s too Late.


There are many limiting beliefs that can get in the way of you going for your dreams. You may believe you’re too old, too young, too short, too tall, not experienced or talented enough.

Whatever your limiting belief might be, realize that there is an example out there of someone in a very similar situation who pushed through these circumstances to make their dreams a reality. Don’t let life get you down!  It’s never too late or too soon to start taking steps toward what you desire. After all, that is what makes dreams so incredible.

I’m Choosing to Give up Chasing my Dreams Because …

Try saying this sentence out loud to yourself next time you want to quit. Think for a moment how silly or ridiculous it might sound. For example let’s say your family doesn’t support you.

I’m choosing to give up chasing my dreams because my family doesn’t support me.

It’s incredible how much power you give them. How your family who probably think they’re doing what’s ‘best’ for you, can dictate you choosing your passion or your purpose. Let’s try another. Your friend you joined the business with quits.

I’m choosing to give up chasing my dreams because my friend quit.

Shaking your head a little? Maybe an eye roll or a giggle? When we shape why we’re quitting into a sentence like this, it really helps give perspective. I (Sarah), first started applying this when I was 22 years old – a while ago – and it has really helped shape where I am today. Because rest assured there are days that I wanted to quit – but no one was worth giving up my dreams for.

Instead I get to live the life of my dreams! (and we want the same for you!)


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Choose to Shine,

chasing your dreams

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