Virtual Team Building Activities to Grow Stronger Teams

Most of us, find ourselves in virtual work mode. And, for many this is nothing out of the ordinary, right? However, for many other people who thrive on proximity through events, meetings and so on, we can find ourselves in a challenging time. Virtual team building activities can help promote that culture even from miles […]

Why Create a Facebook Community for Your Business

Is community and fostering great culture important to your business? In this blog, we want to share with you the value in creating a Facebook community for your business. Chances are, over the course of your time on Facebook you have joined a few groups, right? Us too! In fact, some of best prospects turned […]

Happiness Feeds Success in Network Marketing

Let’s talk about growth and happiness. Quality over Quantity. Where it is important to grow, it’s also important to realize the value that you share with others. Regardless in the size of your audience. And, while it can be tempting to always grow your followers, your influence, prospect lists, etc,  we also want to tell […]

3 Ways to Ensure a Successful Distributor Launch

In our opinion, any new business deserves a proper launch or party. Think about a new storefront opening in your hometown town. We can assume there would be a grand opening, right? How you, and how you help others in your organization launch their business, will dictate what comes next. Your new rep or distributor […]

5 Simple Ways to Bulletproof Your Network Marketing Team

Recently, we attended an event when a legend in our industry was recognized. Larry Thompson is his name. And, what was incredible about him when he was recognized it was more than his 50 years in network marketing. His tribute was based around a story of never giving up. Creating a network marketing team and culture […]

Leaders Are Made at Network Marketing Events

Let’s start with the obvious — Do you know of any top leaders in Network Marketing who don’t attend events? We can’t think of any. Although this might be an opportune moment to say proof is in the pudding, we want to give you more. We believe, there is a direct relationship to successful businesses and […]