The Time Is Now!

  Hey there, everyone! This week has been a special week—we’ve been celebrating because it’s Tony’s 50th birthday! Can you believe it? We’re in shock, too! Turning 50 feels like a big milestone—it’s half a century. Sarah was talking to our daughter Ava about it and she had the funniest reaction: she was worried about […]

Following Up: The Secret Sauce Anyone Can Do!

  Hey, everyone! We’re coming at you this week with a topic we bring up every chance we get: and that’s following up! We’re going to dive right into the secrets and strategies that will make you excited to follow up consistently. And while you’re reading, remember: Don’t be afraid! Following up is actually enjoyable […]

When Was The Last Time You Celebrated?

  It’s been an exciting week in the Zolecki family! We celebrated a big milestone—it was our son,  Hudson’s birthday! So while we’re in a celebrating kind of mood, let us ask you a question: When was the last time you really celebrated? We’re not talking about just going through the motions, but truly embracing […]

4 Things a Father Who Is Also an Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Being a father is one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced. It is incredible the things kids teach us about life. You know, those things we sometimes overlook, their resilience and just overall love for life. They are inquisitive, wow us with facts we never considered, and help put a smile on our faces even […]

4 Ways to Promote Your Business on a Tight Budget

Regardless of how many ‘new wave’ internet marketing strategies come down the pipeline, that doesn’t mean you should throw away all the effective ways to reach prospects and customers online. You know, the ones that have been around for years? They can be as good, if not better, at generating leads and growing sales. Today’s post […]

6 Simple Offline Ways to Market Your Business

Having an online strategy for your business is no doubt important. It was one of the primary reasons we knew we needed to get in the game a couple of years ago. However, we also know that there are some dynamite offline ways to market a business as well. And it’s what we like to […]

Daily Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur and network marketer has a key to their success. And this key is often found in the morning routines and daily habits of those deemed to be successful entrepreneurs. One of the secrets is that most entrepreneurs don’t simply wake up and go to work — you know, like most who are working […]

Synchronicity and Business | The Skill No One Talks About

Synchronicity is about seeing around those corners no one else is looking around. In our opinion, it’s often critical when we want that edge on our competition. Often, we only seek out answers from people or things we already know. Where the truth is, there are answers to questions everywhere. Do you possess a mind […]

2021 Small Business Trends You Just Can’t Ignore

If you’re like us, you probably build the majority of your small business online and the balance offline. Just can’t get that old school entrepreneur out of the blood, right? But, the trends for offline businesses is a little more obvious than those trends found online. Meaning, we see the rise and fall of physical […]

Who Are Sarah and Tony Zolecki?

In celebration of our 200th blog post (WOW!) we wanted to take a moment and re-introduce ourselves. You know, when we look back over our career in network marketing and coaching we are so humbled. Never, and we mean EVER, did we know how we would get there — but we knew we would. So, […]