7 Useful Apps for Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers

Technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to accomplish things, right? Items like; daily routines, tasks, managing time more efficiently, and keeping track of something far more effectively. Now, apps and technology can have downtime, which is always frustrating. But, overall, they have helped us tremendously. We still love the ‘old-fashioned’ pen to paper in some […]

Why Is Follow-up Important in Network Marketing?

If you are in sales, you probably heard, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” But what does that really mean? Does it mean you hound people repeatedly until they are tired of you and never want to hear your name again? No! Of course not! However, you can do some pretty simple things that will […]

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business

Are you a network marketing professional or business owner who has wondered what emotional intelligence’s role is in business? Or, perhaps you’re wondering what it is — or why it matters? We believe it holds massive merit in the business world. In today’s post, we briefly cover what emotional intelligence is, the topics we will […]

A Vision Board for Your Network Marketing Business

Visualization is seen as one of the most powerful mind exercises, and it is based on the law of attraction. We tend to attract anything that we focus our attention on (be it on a conscious or subconscious level). Therefore, visualization is excellent for both professional and personal aspects of life. Are you thinking about […]

Design Your Network Marketing Goals for the New Year (And Stick To Them!)

Business goals are essential because they offer a sense of achievement and purpose. Setting a specific time to complete our goals allows us to work at them over time as we build momentum. However, we have found that too many need to pay more attention to this in the network marketing industry. Or other variables […]

Should You Be Scared About the Recession?

Over the decades, we’ve seen many great things come out of recession. Perhaps showing our ages a little but, we have definitely seen a lot of this type of ebbs and flows over the years. And now please know that this doesn’t make us immune or naive to what people are going through. We however, […]

Make Some 4th Quarter Magic in Your Business

For many entrepreneurs and network marketers, the 4th quarter (October 1 – December 31) is where a lot of magic happens. However, this magic can only happen when we’re ready to do the work, right? So in this post, we will give you a checklist to consult while opening up the last part of the […]

4 Ways to Promote Your Business on a Tight Budget

Regardless of how many ‘new wave’ internet marketing strategies come down the pipeline, that doesn’t mean you should throw away all the effective ways to reach prospects and customers online. You know, the ones that have been around for years? They can be as good, if not better, at generating leads and growing sales. Today’s post […]

Simple Ways to Grow to the Next Level of Your Business

One of the most common questions we get asked is; how do I become more productive in my business? And the answer is quite simple — what are you putting between your ears? Who are you spending time with? What content are you consuming? Because the truth is each of these things shapes whether you will (or […]

When Should You Go Full Time in Network Marketing?

Another loaded question we hear ALL the time — here’s a hard truth … Most people in our profession are part-time. So, when part-time businesses are thriving naturally, people want to know when you should go full-time in network marketing, right? And we tried to break it down for you the way we do with […]